Kawasaki H2 | H2R Introduction in Photos

Adam Waheed | November 12, 2014

Members of the motorcycle and automotive media were invited to a special dinner reception inside Los Angeles’ Japanese Culture Center in celebration of the return of Kawasaki’s H2 sportbike.
The H2 will be manufactured for use on public roads, while the ‘R’ version will be for closed-course use only.
Japanese calligraphy expert Mrs. Hiroko Ikuta composed this banner in commemoration of the unveiling of Kawasaki’s 300 horsepower sportbike which translates in English as “extreme power”.
Jay Leno takes a peek at a fairing-less example of Kawasaki’s new 2015 H2R supercharged sportbike.
From left to right: Kawasaki USA C.O.O., Richard Beattie, President Masa Nakagawa, and Senior VP of Sales, Bill Jenkins christen the new model by opening a barallel of Tokubetsu Junmai Sake.
Kawasaki tapped into its aerospace division in Japan to help design the intake and supercharger systems.
It’s hard to believe, but 42 years separate the original 750cc three-cylinder two-stroke H2 and the new four-stroke Inline Four liter-bike.
The Kawasaki H2/H2R employ full Brembo braking hardware, including master cylinder, discs, and calipers—a first for the green brand. The motorcycle also sources KYB’s latest suspension hardware.
The H2 and H2R feature a carefully designed intake to keep the supercharger fed with a large volume of cool air thus helping to eliminate the need for an intercooler (radiator-like device used to cool induction air before the combustion process).
Masa Nakagawa, president of Kawasaki Motors Corp, USA, explains the importance of the 2015 H2 to members of the media during a dinner reception at the Japanese Culture Center in Los Angeles.


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