Tech & More at AIMExpo 2014

MotorcycleUSA Staff | November 17, 2014

Sena Technologies

Sena Technologies had two forthcoming products at the forefront of its display, the 10C and 10U. The 10C is an integrated Bluetooth camera and communication system, offering 1080p and 720p video modes, single or timelapse photo settings, four-way intercom and built-in FM tuner with station scan and save function. It’s also got a smartphone app available for iPhone and Android devices.

The 10U is a communication device which features a handlebar remote control. The four-way Bluetooth intercom works up to 900 meters and can be used with other communication devices. It can be operated via voice prompts, has a group intercom feature and Advanced Noise Control.

Kryptonite RealTime GPS Security System

Kryptonite is known for its locks, but had a new GPS-based security system on display. Once the system is installed on the bike, users can pull up information on a smartphone or computer regarding location, direction or speed. It has a motion sensor, which will alert an owner if his or her motorcycle is moved, which can be sent via email or text message. The internal backup battery ensures the system stays functional for extended periods and its water resistant construction helps to keep it functional in all conditions. The system can also be integrated to send suspicious information directly to law enforcement as well.


We got a chance to look through the display chinbar which had a prototype version of the Nuviz Ride:HUD system. The unit attaches to the external, right-hand side of the lid with a small LCOS Microdisplay offering a wide variety of information, from navigation to weather to telemetry to the music currently playing. In speaking with Nuviz reps, we found that the product is still being fine-tuned, but the display was already pretty polished and relatively innocuous.

OneDesign Tank Pads

OneDesign, part of One Emblems Corp out of Italy, revealed a new type of tank pad to be released in America this coming year. Reps described a new material and process utilized to give the pads, yoke protectors, fuel caps and other items a matte finish. The company will offer numerous color and design choices and had lots on display, including an homage to the helmet worn by Valentino Rossi at Misano in 2014.

National Moto

Indianapolis-based National Moto will soon offer a range of vintage, board track style bicycles fitted with little 48cc 2-stroke engines. These bikes will be designed to look like vintage Indians, Excelsiors, Popes, Cyclones and Harley-Davidsons. The fit and finish on the examples they brought was top-notch and price points are estimated to start at around $2000.

2014 AIMExpo in Photos

Yamaha also unveiled a cafĂ© racer inspired Bolt  the Bolt C-Spec at AIMExpo. National Moto at AIMExpo 2014. Lovely ladies at AIMExpo 2014.
Suzukis spread at AIMExpo. Segura  Bering and Bagster are looking to make an impact on the American market in coming years. REVIT!s Piazza 2 and Elysee jackets at AIMExpo 2014.