Best Sportbike 2014: MV Agusta F3 800

December 30, 2014
By Motorcycle USA Staff
MV Agusta made its mark on the sleepy sportbike class of 2014 with its F3 800. Positioned between the Italian brand’s lighter F3 675 Supersport and big-power F4R Superbike, the sharp-looking 800 breathes new life into the once popular middleweight segment.

Based off of the F3’s ultra-compact water-cooled Inline Three, the 800’s nomenclature stems from a longer piston stroke, broadening the torque curve and boosting top end performance by nearly 12% compared to its smaller sibling. And that extra muscle comes with virtually no weight penalty as it weighs only one pound more than the 675 the last time we tested it (428 pounds, ready to ride). The engine proves as playful as it is effective, unleashing a unique and highly euphoric soundtrack anytime the throttle’s whacked open.

In the chassis department, the F3 800 is nimble on its Pirelli-shod feet and offers incredible feel at lean allowing the rider to flirt closer with the edge of tire grip than on other brands of machinery. And when the suspension is set-up optimally, the 800 is capable of devastatingly fast lap times for a stock bike— a feat proven by its Superpole-winning lap time during January’s Light-Heavyweight Supersport Shootout.

Sure the F3 still has a squawk, or two, but it’s undeniable how quickly the brand has climbed the sportbike ladder in such a short time, and it’s our pick for Best Sportbike of 2014.