Motorcycle of the Year 2014: Honda Grom

December 30, 2014
By Motorcycle USA Staff
Sometimes simple is better. That’s the case with Honda’s $2999 Grom 125. But how can a bike that tops out at just over 60 mph and makes less than 10 horsepower rank as MotoUSA’s bike of the year? Two reasons: it’s fun, and anyone with the coordination to pedal a pushbike can probably ride it.

Sporting nothing but the basics, the Grom sources a push-button electric start and fuel-injected air-cooled Single, mated to a slick-shifting four-speed transmission and feathery smooth manual clutch. The little Grom is a better looking version of Honda’s popular CT and ST mini-bikes from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. A halogen head lamp, LED tail light, turn signals, mirrors and a license plate make it street legal.

The Grom’s as easy on the eyes as it is on fuel, delivering a range in excess of 100 miles on a single tank of gas. Acceleration is peppy enough to outpace most cars from traffic lights and a pair of disc brakes provide ample stopping power when those lights change from green to red.

With a wheelbase measuring under four feet and a 225-pound curb weight, the Grom offers the nimbleness of a small scooter, jetting around town with greater agility than more powerful (and expensive) street bikes. Plus it requires minimal room in the garage and is simple to park in even the most crowded cities. It may not be the flashiest, or the fastest, but for pure fun and care-free rides the $2999 Honda Grom is the best value on the market.