Superprestigio Second Edition 2014 Results

December 13, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Byron's sure to be hunched over a laptop after the checkers are flown, caught in his own little version of heaven. Whether on dirt, street or a combination of both, MotoUSA's newest addition knows the only thing better than actually riding is telling the story of how things went down.

The second edition Superprestigio did not start out as Brad Baker had hoped. The Superfinal winner of the first event staged back in January was ready to battle with Marc Marquez once again, but a crash in practice left the “Bullet” briefly unconscious and suffering a dislocated shoulder. It was a disappointing start for fans ready to bear witness to a rematch between the two riders, but once the gate dropped for the first heat races it was clear that the stacked field was going to provide plenty of on track action throughout the night.

Marquez was among the first group to turn laps, and the 2014 MotoGP World Champion looked smooth and confident on his way to the heat win. He’d go on to win his second heat as well, along with the first two of four Superprestigio final races. In the third final, Marquez got pushed back early and had to battle up the ranks, catching up to Bradley Smith mid-race. Smith played good defense though, part of a strong showing for the British rider all around, and Marquez hit another snag when he washed out just before the finish. The final Superprestigio race saw Smith ahead of Marquez once again, with Smith holding tight to the inside for a number of laps. Marquez was running back in third behind Smith and Endurance racer Dani Ribalta, but with eight laps remaining Marquez found a line past both, threading the needle for the front. Smith got ahead of Ribalta as well and tried to close up on Marquez during the final laps, but came up short and finished in second.

In the Open class, AMA Grand National Champion Jared Mees was untouchable through his heat races and all three open finals. Supermoto riders Gerard Bailo and Thomas Chareyre were persistent challengers to Mees, at least in the early going of each race, but neither were able to match the American’s speed or consistency round the short track.

In the Superfinal, Mees finally got the chance to square off against Marquez. There was a small pile-up during the initial laps which pushed both riders back in the pack, with American Kenny Noyes running out to the front. Marquez and Mees were able to push up to the two and three spots quickly, however, and mid-way through both riders dispensed of Noyes in quick succession. Marquez held the advantage and ticked off laps, keeping a tight line which made it difficult for Mees to find a way past. The two remained in close combat to the final laps, with Marquez maintaining a steady pace to the checkers for the win.

“I had an amazing time, it was my first time in Spain,” said Mees. “I can’t say enough for everybody that invited me, Marc Marquez and everybody that put the event on. It was amazing, I had a lot of fun. … I hope I can come back next year.

“He kept his wheels in line very well,” said Mees of Marquez’s performance. “Keeping the wheels in line is the faster way to go around the race track, so hat’s off to him. He definitely had amazing style for being a road racer (primarily).”

Of course watching riders like Marquez and Mees turn flawless laps was great, but some of the most exciting action came from riders like Noyes, Troy Bayliss and Smith, who had some dramatic ups and downs during the night. Noyes and Bayliss were both in Superprestigio Group B, and Bayliss was strong off the start in both heat races but slipped back as the races wore on. Noyes had some bad luck during the first heat but finished second in Heat 2 for a spot in the LCQ, which he won. Bayliss was placed in the second Superprestigio LCQ, alongside Alex Marquez, and ran hard off the start but got pushed out wide during the initial stages. He fought to regain position but missed out on a spot in the final races as Marquez brought it home for the win. Noyes went on to challenge the front runners in the Superprestigio final races, with a third-place result coming in the third race.

Smith was a force in his group, winning both heat races and finishing second behind Marquez in the fourth Superprestigio Final race.

Apart from Mees and Noyes, American Shayna Texter was in the mix, but her night was much more frustrating. She went down early in her first heat race and had to battle for a spot in the LCQ, where she went down again. Texter remounted and tried to battle back but came up short of a spot in the Open Finals.

Open Class Final 1 Results
1. Jared Mees
2. Thomas Chareyre
3. Gerard Bailo
4. Oliver Brindley
5. Ivan Cervantes
6. Alan Birtwistle
7. Fabrizio Vesprini

Open Class Final 2 Results
1. Jared Mees
2. Alan Birtwistle
3. Thomas Chareyre
4. Ivan Cervantes
5. Oliver Brindley
6. Gerard Bailo
7. Fabrizio Vesprini
8. Joonas Kylmakorpi

Open Class Final 3 Results
1. Jared Mees
2. Thomas Chareyre
3. Gerard Bailo
4. Oliver Brindley
5. Ivan Cervantes
6. Fabrizio Vesprini
7. Joonas Kylmakorpi
8. Alan Birtwistle

Open Class Final Overall Results
1. Jared Mees, 36
2. Thomas Chareyre, 28
3. Gerard Bailo, 21
4. Oliver Brindley, 19
5. Ivan Cervantes, 17
6. Alan Birtwistle, 13
7. Fabrizio Vesprini, 10
8. Joonas Kylmakorpi, 5

Superfinal Results
1. Marc Marquez
2. Jared Mees
3. Kenny Noyes
4. Gerard Bailo
5. Dani Ribalta
6. Oliver Brindley
7. Bradley Smith
8. Thomas Chareyre

Superprestigio Class Final 1 Results
1. Marc Marquez
2. Dani Ribalta
3. Kenny Noyes
4. Alex Marquez
5. Lorenzo Baldassarri
6. Bradley Smith
7. Julian Simon
8. Ricky Cardus

Superprestigio Class Final 2 Results
1. Marc Marquez
2. Ricky Cardus
3. Lorenzo Baldassarri
4. Alex Marquez
5. Kenny Noyes
6. Julian Simon
7. Bradley Smith
8. Dani Ribalta

Superprestigio Class Final 3 Results
1. Ricky Cardus
2. Kenny Noyes
3. Bradley Smith
4. Lorenzo Baldassarri
5. Julian Simon
6. Marc Marquez
7. Dani Ribalta
8. Alex Marquez

Superprestigio Class Final 4 Results
1. Marc Marquez
2. Bradley Smith
3. Dani Ribalta
4. Kenny Noyes
5. Julian Simon
6. Lorenzo Baldassarri
7. Alex Marquez
8. Ricky Cardus

Superprestigio Class Final Overall Results
1. Marc Marquez, 39
2. Kenny Noyes, 28
3. Bradley Smith, 25
4. Dani Ribalta, 23
5. Ricky Cardus, 21
5. Lorenzo Baldassarri, 21
7. Julian Simon, 17
8. Alex Marquez, 15