Bike Master Parts Washer Review

MotorcycleUSA Staff | February 10, 2015
If you are sick of using buckets, pans or the kitchen sink to wash parts, the BikeMaster Parts Washer is a great solution. It is a corrosion-proof self-contained unit that measures 26 x 19 x 10 inches and holds five gallons of water-soluble solvent. A strong electric pump circulates the solvent through a flexible 32-inch hose with a nice stiff cleaning brush on the end.

The basin drain has a built in strainer so you don’t have to worry about losing any small parts into the bottom. There is also a drain stopper so you can fill the washer with solvent, soak parts and use the brush to scrub other items. A small pocket in the lid holds items out of the way while washing.

The Bike Master Parts Washer has a covered on off switch for long life.
The Bike Master Parts Washer drain features a drain so you dont lose parts into the solvent.

The electric pump borders on too powerful at times and if you aren’t careful where directed, the solvent splashes out of the basin. It would be nice to see two speeds on the pump so the flow could be slowed down. Choosing a good water-based solvent and figuring out the dilution goes a long way to how clean your parts leave the washer.

The size of the BikeMaster Parts Washer is great for most parts and is just big enough to fit (dirt bike) engine cases. When not in use, the unit fits nicely under a workbench or on a shelf, and the sealed, locking lid keeps sloshing solvent from exiting the washer when lifting or moving.

I’ve used the BikeMaster Parts Washer for more than six months and I’m horrified by the way I used to clean parts. The bottom line is this washer is a great way to clean parts in a contained basin that is both safe and portable.

The BikeMaster Parts Washer is available at
MSRP: $139.95


MotorcycleUSA Staff