Smoky Mountain Crawl Ruckus|Grom Event ’15

February 26, 2015
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Fans of the Honda Ruckus, Honda Grom or any small-displacement scooter/motorcycle have a new call to gather this summer, thanks to the Smoky Mountain Crawl event planned for June 19, 20 and 21, 2015. Hosted by MNNTHBX, a custom shop and parts manufacturer focusing on the Ruckus and Grom, the three-day event will place riders at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains, just miles from some of the greatest roads the country has to offer.

“We’re excited to host the first Smoky Mountain Crawl, and with good reason. Never before has an event of this type been backed with so many premier industry sponsors,” explained MNNTHBX founder and owner Greg Hatcher. “These are innovative, enthusiast professionals coming together for the greater good of this event and the industry as a whole. Additionally, it’s the first time an event of this scale has been held in what is arguably the best riding area in the US, endless winding ribbons of pavement throughout the Smokies. The venue is phenomenal, and accessible to so much of the east coast that seldom gets the chance to participate with the large west coast contingent. Not lost is the fact that the underlying goal is to cram as much fun into a small bore weekend as possible, and we’re confident that’s exactly what we’ll be able to provide.”

The Smoky Mountain Crawl will be based at the Tremont Lodge in Townsend, Tennessee. If you mention “Honda Ruckus scooter event,” reduced pricing is available. Call 1-865-448-3200 to book your room.

Sponsors include Rucksters, Steady Garage, Killboy, Total Ruckus, Composimo and more. There will be prizes and raffles throughout the event, lots of give-away swag and, of course, plenty of riding with friends new and old.

For more information, check out the MNNTHBX events page and Facebook page and stay tuned to MotoUSA as more details become available.