MechOptix Stoptix Automatic Brake Lamp Peek

March 12, 2015
Courtesy of MechOptix
MechOptix Inc. announced today that Stoptix automatic brake lamps will be available in time for the warm weather riding season. MechOptix is continuously adding companies to its distributor channel in an effort to ensure that riders can purchase Stoptix lamps at their local dealership or favorite motorcycle gear store.

About Stoptix
Stoptix is the only automatic brake light that requires no modifications to your motorcycle or vehicle. Stoptix is the first product to offer a deceleration indicator solution inside the lamp — self-powered and self-illuminating. It works when it should – downshifts, engine braking, malfunctions, colliding with road debris, front-end collisions, and out of fuel. Stoptix increases visibility via early deceleration indication to reduce your chances of being rear-ended. The 1157 tail/brake (P21/5W) bulb replacement is available now with the 3157 (P27/7W) available later this year.

“Stoptix is a good example of new technologies on the horizon that increase visibility for motorcycle riders,” said Jeff Hammock, president, MechOptix. “This is the first of many products from MechOptix that apply the latest sensor and LED lighting technologies to reduce your chances of a rider being hit by another vehicle. Our goal is to design these products as replacement parts so you don’t have to modify your vehicle wiring. This means that these products will also install in cars, trucks, trailers, buses, tractor-trailers and more.”

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