BMW Records Best Q1 Sales Ever in 2015

Byron Wilson | April 17, 2015
BMW Motorrad achieved its best quarterly sales figures of all time through the first three months of 2015. In total, BMW sold 31,370 vehicles through March, marking a 9.2% increase over the same period the previous year. The month of March alone saw BMW sell 15,912 motorcycles and maxi scooters worldwide.

Heiner Faust, BMW Motorrad Head of Sales and Marketing, provided these comments in a company press release:
“BMW Motorrad has started into the new 2015 motorcycle season with the best first quarterly sales of all time. For the first time ever in the history of BMW Motorrad we have supplied more than 31,000 vehicles to our customers in the first three months which corresponds to a significant plus of 9.2%. We are reaching more and more customers all over the world with our highly emotional brand and our attractive, sporty bikes. In the first three months we recorded growth in nearly all sales regions. Germany still remains our strongest single market. Selling 5369 vehicles as per March we increased sales here by 12% as compared to the previous year.”

The US market was the second most successful worldwide, with 3229 units sold through the first three months of 2015. March sales were 1614 units in the USA and the most popular model for the month was the R1200RT, which recorded 186 deliveries, a 12.7% increase over the same month the previous year.

Worldwide, the R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure were the most popular models, with “more than 10,000 units” already delivered to customers, according to the company press release. 


Byron Wilson

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