Touratech Aventuro Carbon Helmet Review

MotorcycleUSA Staff | April 10, 2015
The Touratech Aventuro Carbon helmet is constructed from lightweight, you guessed it, carbon fiber. It easily transforms between street, dual-sport and dirt configurations without tools. A no-drag visor keeps neck strain to a minimum at higher speeds, while the liner is removable and washable. If you like intercom systems the Aventuro comes set up and ready with speaker cavities. An emergency cheek pad removal system makes taking the helmet off easy in case of an accident.

Designed by the crew at Touratech, the Aventuro is built and manufactured in partnership with Nexx in Portugal. The Aventuro exceeds all DOT and ECE 2205 standards for helmet safety and comes in five unique graphic designs. It ranges in price from $649 – $699 and weighs only 3.03 pounds.

After seven full days wearing the Aventuro during the RawHyde Adventures Baja Tour, I converted between street and dual-sport a few times and it was easy and quick. Depending on the weather and time of day I usually left the visor on because it really helped block the sun from my eyes. The visor also features a quick extender at the end for even more sun blockage. With the air flow vents at the base of the visor there was minimum drag and strain on my neck. With the visor removed, noise inside the helmet was noticeably reduced. The face shield can also be removed completely if you need to run goggles for some serious off-roading and goggles fit nicely in the Aventuro.

With the visor removed the new Touratech Aventuro is ready for full street mode.
The Touratech Aventuro Carbon helmet in street mode.

Sizing of the Aventuro is accurate, I wear a medium which fit snug but comfortable without any hot spots, even after a week of everyday use. A bonus to a full carbon helmet like the Aventuro is its lightweight, relieving a lot of neck strain, especially when on the bike for ten hours a day. Compared to a Arai XD4 in the same size, the Aventuro is a half-pound lighter Every rider who handled and checked out the Touratech helmet was stoked on how light it felt in comparison to the lids they were wearing.

The intercom ready ear area held speakers nicely and even feature a soft cover to provide a layer between your ear and the speaker itself. I had to readjust the left speaker of my Sena system every four to five hours, but I think that was more of a function of my catawampus ears, since both sides of the helmet are equal shape.

The Aventuro face shield is Pin-Lock ready and the helmet includes a Pin-Lock in the box. A Pin-Lock insert creates a double lens that virtually eliminates the chances of a fogged lens. I immediately installed it and was glad I did, especially during a full day of rain riding in which I had zero fogging issues while others on the ride where constantly battling fogged face shields. After 2000 miles and cleaning the shield with a variety of material, like t-shirts, it stayed scratch free. The vents are easy to use, even with gloves on while riding. I especially like the quick flip mouth piece vent. When it was dusty or raining hard I just flipped it closed.

Cruising the beach wearing the new Touratech Aventuro Carbon helmet.
The Aventuro helmet in action.

The styling of the Aventuro has an angular and Euro feeling when compared to other adventure type helmets. I personally like the look and feel, plus it looks pretty cool in every configuration. As a dirt bike guy I prefer the Aventuro sporting a visor. Ranging from $649-699 depending on graphics, the Aventuro isn’t exactly inexpensive but with that lofty price tag comes a lot of well thought out features plus a Pin-Lock-ready face shield and Pin-Lock. If you ride street, dual-sport and off-road and want a helmet that does it all, an Aventuro might be in your future.

• Lightweight carbon fiber design
• Easy conversion from street to dirt
• Comes with a Pin-Lock insert

• Speaker holes could be deeper
• Might look too angular for certain tastes
• Not as quiet as a street only helmet

The Touratech Aventuro is available at
MSRP: $649-$699

This video isn’t in English but it is a very cool look at how the Touratech Aventuro is hand made.



MotorcycleUSA Staff