World Superbike Assen Results 2015

Byron Wilson | April 19, 2015
Kawasaki Racing’s Jonathan Rea scored the double at Assen, marking the second time he’s achieved a double race win at the circuit in his career. This makes Rea the second-most successful rider ever at the Dutch round, behind Carl Fogarty. Racing’s Chaz Davies finished second in both contests followed both times by local rider Michael van der Mark of Pata Honda in third. Van der Mark’s third-place result in Race 1 was his first podium in the Superbike class, as well as the first time a rider from the Netherlands has finished in the top-three at Assen.

Race 1

Rea wasted no time off the start in Race 1, powering past pole-sitter and teammate, Tom Sykes, to take the lead on Lap 1. Aprilia Racing’s Leon Haslam followed in third with Davies trailing in fourth and Voltcom Suzuki’s Alex Lowes in fifth. Van der Mark trailed back in seventh during the initial proceedings.

Davies made quick work of Haslam for third-place and he and Sykes clung tight to Rea’s rear tire during the early laps. Davies then got ahead of Sykes for second-place while Haslam closed up from fourth and Van der Mark worked his way up to fifth. Lowes, on the other hand, ran into an issue which caused him to rapidly drop down the ranks, the Suzuki rider falling to 13th by Lap 3.

The lead pack bunched up as Van der Mark and Davis’ teammate, Xavi Fores, closed the gap on the front runners. The Honda rider then pushed past Haslam for fourth position and soon after got ahead of Davies as well for third. Davies answered back on Lap 7, however, and held steady there until Lap 9 when he was able to get ahead of Sykes for second.

Sykes remained close to Davies after the Ducati rider made his move. Van der Mark and Haslam were well within reach of the top-three as well. With nine laps remaining Van der Mark made a bold pass on Sykes which stood the Kawasaki rider up briefly, allowing the Pata Honda as well as Haslam to move into the third and fourth positions. With eight to go it was Rea, Davies, Van der Mark, Haslam and Sykes in the top five.

As the race progressed, Sykes lost ground on the top four riders while at the front while Rea maintained perfect composure as he faced ceaseless pressure from the riders behind.

Haslam and Van der Mark traded punches during the latter stages for third-place but with three laps remaining, the Honda ace regained podium position and held there to the checkers.

Rea and Davies pulled away from the field during the final laps, and though Davies pushed to stay connected to the Kawasaki, Rea had more in the tank for the finish, posting his best laps of the race during the final rotations. In the final laps Rea had a few bike lengths on the Ducati, setting a new race lap record just before crossing the line for the win.

Haslam ended the first contest in fourth followed by Sykes in fifth. Haslam’s teammate, Jordi Torres, took sixth while Fores followed in seventh. Van der Mark’s teammate, Sylvain Guintoli, claimed eighth.

There was a scary incident further back in the ranks between Lowes and his teammate, Randy de Puniet. Lowes had run wide at Turn 1 and was beginning to right himself to return to the track. De Puniet had been behind and low-sided, sending his bike and himself skidding across the tarmac. The bike went cartwheeling into the gravel while De Puniet struck Lowes’ machine, bringing Lowes to the ground as well. The incident ended both riders’ race early, but, luckily, both were able to walk away from the crash.

World Superbike Assen Race 1 Results 2015
1. Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki)
2. Chaz Davies (Ducati)
3. Michael van der Mark (Honda)
4. Leon Haslam (Aprilia)
5. Tom Sykes (Kawasaki)
6. Jordi Torres (Aprilia)
7. Xavi Fores (Ducati)
8. Sylvain Guintoli (Honda)
9. Nicolas Terol (Ducati)
10. Leon Camier (MV Agusta)
11. Leandro Mercado (Ducati)
12. Matteo Baiocco (Ducati)
13. Roman Ramos (Kawasaki)
14. David Salom (Kawasaki)
15. Niccolo Canepa (EBR)
16. Christophe Ponsson (Kawasaki)
17. Santiago Barragan (Kawasaki)
18. Gabor Rizmayer (BMW)

Race 2

Rea started the second contest the same as he did the first, rocketing to the head of the pack in the opening turns. Sykes, Haslam, Davies and Lowes followed. Competitors were keen to keep Rea from walking away with the lead and Sykes made a move on his teammate just before the end of the first lap.

Rea fought to retaliate but Sykes put up a strong defense and didn’t allow it. Davies was able to make a pass on Halsam for third while Van Der Mark moved ahead of Lowes for fifth.

Two laps in the lead group consisted of a tightly packed bunch led by Sykes, with Rea, Davies, Haslam and Van der Mark trailing. The running order held steady for a handful of laps, but with 13 to go Van der Mark executed a pass on Haslam for fourth. Two laps later Davies found a way past Rea for second and then Van der Mark put forward a big effort to pass the Kawasaki rider as well, the top-five staying extremely close, some riders taking the chicane before the line side-by-side.

With 10 to go Rea turned on the jets and moved ahead of Davies. Van der Mark looked to capitalize on the shuffle and got a bit too close, clipping Davies’ rear tire, sending the CBR1000RR into a shudder. Van der Mark was able to keep from going down, however, and slipped back to fifth.

Sykes continued to lead with nine to go but Rea was pushing hard. During the lap Rea made his move to regain the lead for the first time since the opening lap.

The following lap, Davies got ahead of Sykes as well for second-place and Rea was able to open a slight gap as the two riders behind fought for position. Davies was on the throttle immediately though and quickly closed back in on Rea. Haslam and Van der Mark remained close in fourth and fifth, allowing Haslam to take advantage of an opening on Sykes for third.

With seven laps remaining, Van der Mark dispatched Sykes as well for fourth while further up Haslam got ahead of Davies for second. The final laps saw the top four stretch away as Sykes struggled to keep pace. Davies regained position on Haslam with five laps left to go, and after that the two front runners opened a gap on Haslam and Van der Mark.

As in Race 1, Rea had saved some juice for the end and though Davies put in a valiant effort to stay close, he was unable to challenge Rea for the front during the final laps.

“I feel awesome to win two races here,” said Rea. “Today has been amazing and like in Thailand I need to sit down and savor this moment. There was a lot of pressure on me coming here, everyone talking about how Assen was my circuit, so I am just happy to deliver. We chose a different rear tire in race two and it worked out well.

“Race 2 was slightly different because I knew Tom would be fast in the beginning. The race was a bit faster at the start and slower at the end because of that. When Chaz put a pass on me and I saw Tom slowing I knew that it could end up to be a messy fight so I wanted to get straight back into the lead and make it my race. This one is for all my mechanics who have been working tirelessly and all the people at KHI. Hopefully now we can go to Imola and do a similar job – but this one feels very special.”

The action was intense behind as Haslam and Van der Mark tussled down to the final corners. Van der Mark trailed the Aprilia rider until the final lap, and then made an aggressive pass just before the final chicane. Both riders got off line heading into the final corners and ran off track, Van der Mark able to keep on the grass while Haslam rolled through a patch of gravel. Both were able to get back to the tarmac quickly, but Van der Mark had gained the advantage for his second podium of the day.

Haslam ended in fourth while Sykes finished in fifth. Torres crossed the line sixth followed by Guintoli in seventh and Fores in eighth. Lowes was able to avoid incident in spite of the fact that he had another mid-race run off in Turn 1 to finish ninth while MV Agusta’s Leon Camier rounded out the top-10.

Rea leaves the Netherlands with a sizable 50 point lead over Haslam, in second. Davies sits third followed by Sykes in fourth and Torres in fifth.

World Superbike Assen Race 2 Results 2015
1. Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki)
2. Chaz Davies (Ducati)
3. Michael van der Mark (Honda)
4. Leon Haslam (Aprilia)
5. Tom Sykes (Kawasaki)
6. Jordi Torres (Aprilia)
7. Sylvain Guintoli (Honda)
8. Xavi Fores (Ducati)
9. Alex Lowes (Suzuki)
10. Leon Camier (MV Agusta)
11. Matteo Baiocco (Ducati)
12. Ayrton Badovini (BMW)
13. David Salom (Kawasaki)
14. Leandro Mercado (Ducati)
15. Roman Ramos (Kawasaki)
16. Christophe Ponsson (Kawasaki)
17. Javier Alviz (Kawasaki)
18. Gabor Rizmayer (BMW)

World Superbike Championship Points 2015
1. Jonathan Rea, 190
2. Leon Haslam, 140
3. Chaz Davies, 123
4. Tom Sykes, 88
5. Jordi Torres, 83
6. Sylvain Guintoli, 65
7. Michael van der Mark, 60
8. Nicolas Terol, 48
9. Matteo Baiocco, 48
10. Leandro Mercado, 45


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