Handlebar Remote Controls Sena Bluetooth

May 12, 2015
Courtesy of Sena Bluetooth
Motorcycle and powersport riders have all Bluetooth controls right at their fingertips.
Motorcycle and powersport riders have all Bluetooth controls right at their fingertips.The all new Handlebar Remote provides simple control to Sena Bluetooth devices.

Sena Technologies, Inc., a Bluetooth innovator in the motorcycle and outdoor activities market, has announced the release of the Handlebar Remote for Bluetooth Communication Systems which is specially designed to control Sena Bluetooth headsets at the comfort and safety of the motorcycle riders’ handlebars. With easy-to-use features, painless installation by clamping the remote right onto the handlebars and sleek and smooth design, Sena’s latest unit brings convenience and ease to any motorcycle ride, keeping the rider safely connected throughout the duration of their trip. The ability to remotely control the user’s communication system now offers an entirely new riding experience that simultaneously reduces the danger that can occur by removing hands off the bars to change a setting while cruising. The Handlebar Remote is now available on the Sena website and through retailers across North America for $99.

“As we continue to design and develop innovative products that disrupt the industry, Sena strives to enhance the riding experience by offering products that fulfill the customers’ needs. Our new Handlebar Remote helps alleviate the need to reach up to answer a phone call or adjust the volume of your headset, which creates a safer environment and streamline the overall communication process,” said Tae Kim, President and CEO of Sena Technologies, Inc. “Providing motorcyclists more control when connected to their Sena Bluetooth headsets proves that the right technology can help clear the road ahead for more bold and memorable adventures.”

Sena’s new Handlebar Remote features an easy to use, glove-friendly joystick and buttons making connectivity on the ride as care-free as possible. The unit is compatible with the latest Sena Bluetooth Smart Ready communication systems including the revolutionary 20S, 10C and 10U, allowing users to remotely operate the devices from the handlebar. Additionally, users can operate a Prism Bluetooth Audio Camera when it is paired with a 20S communication system. The Handlebar Remote provides up to three months of power with a charging time of only two hours. Like all Sena products, the Handlebar Remote is firmware upgradable and includes Sena’s industry leading two-year warranty.

Sena is also proud to announce the release of Prism Dual Battery Charger. The battery charger quickly charges two Prism batteries simultaneously, giving users the ability to recharge quickly and have twice the power for their adventures. Each Prism battery gives users two hours of recording time, and like other Sena products, the Prism can be used while charging to ensure there is never a break in recording the action.

For more information about the Handlebar Remote and the Prism Dual Battery Charger, as well as the full Sena product line, please visit www.Sena.com.