Roland Sands/Victory to Tackle Pikes Peak

Bryan Harley | May 7, 2015
Roland Sands Design and Victory Motorcycles are teaming up to challenge Pikes Peak. Dubbed “Project 156” in honor of the 156 turns it takes to successfully reach the top of the mountain, RSD and Victory are creating a 100% handbuilt road racing bike sourcing a prototype Victory engine. The motorcycle will be piloted by Cycle World’s Don Canet who raced Pike’s Peak for the first time last year on a 2014 Ducati Multistrada race bike.

Roland Sands and Victory have teamed up before, attempting to break the 200 mph barrier on a cruiser-based motorcycle called “Mission 200.” With the help of Lloydz Motor Works, they were able to pump up Victory’s Freedom 106 V-Twin to 200 horsepower. But the “Mission 200” bike was built to run in a straight line. Pikes Peak is a different beast altogether.

While specific information about the bike is scant, Part 1 of the “Project 156” video shows them welding together the handbuilt frame and the foundation of a metal tank. Though the engine is obscured, the frame is being configured to house a V-Twin. It does reveal suspension will be provided by Ohlins and tires by Dunlop. Roland mentions Spider Grips, Carillo rods and a gauge set-up from MoTeC in the video as well.

A list of sponsors provides other clues about the project. K&N most likely will provide filters, Del West specializes in titanium valves, iwis motorsystems is known for its chain drive systems, Aeromotive its fuel systems, and Millenium Techologies are cylinder and bore specialists. Somehow we have suspicion Lloydz Motor Works might have a hand in the project too based on their past history, but this is purely speculation. In the video, Canet says they’ll be taking it out in a few weeks to test the motorcycle’s balance, clearance, and put it through an initial shakedown.

Here’s what RSD wrote about “Project 156” on its website.
“156 Corners of Pikes Peak. It’s historic, it’s grand and it’s everything about racing and motorcycles that we love and fear. Consequences on an epic scale provided by mother nature herself. Then there’s the added challenge of building a bike from the ground up including a prototype engine in a short 4 months. It’s a daunting task even for the experienced and seasoned race veteran. Join us on our journey to handbuild a prototype race bike for 156 corners of Fury as we Race to the Clouds.”

Bryan Harley

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