2015 Touratech Adventure Rally

Adam Booth | July 29, 2015

The Touratech Rally is a three-day event held in the one-stop-sign town of Plain, Washington. Plain is nestled in the heart of the Wenatchee National Forest and offers riders access to twisty dirt roads and incredible mountain views just minutes from their tents. This was the fifth year of the event and set an attendance record with over 500 motorcyclists camped out for the weekend of fun. The temperatures also set records over the weekend, but luckily the nearby Wenatchee River offered a great way to cool off at the end of a ride.

2015 Touratech Rally

The Touratech Rally is a fun weekend event that the company hosts in appreciation of its customers. They don’t sell product at the event, instead they spend the weekend camping and riding their favorite ADV routes with customers. Every single employee of Touratech-USA gets out and at the event. Touratech also provides clinics, classes and fun presentations.

2015 Touratech Rally

One of the highlights of the event is the Touratech Games where riders can take on the challenge course and enter the slow race competition to test their skills against others at the rally. A wonderful bonus to the Touratech rally is that it doesn’t matter what you ride (as long as it’s street-legal) or what your experience level is, just bring your love of adventure and a desire to ride.

2015 Touratech Rally

Quinn Cody and I made the trip up to Washington for this year’s event and Touratech had a few nice adventure machines waiting for us. For three days we followed epic GPS tracks that provided amazing scenery and a great mix of terrain, depending on what we wanted to ride. You can choose to ride following the provided GPS tracks or you can do a ride lead by a Touratech guide. The first day Quinn and I ventured off on our own and hammered through 110 miles of dirt roads, two-track and even some single track in near 100 degrees. Quinn was of course on a KTM 1190, but I spent the first day on a Touratech-prepped KLR650, which you’ll be able to read about soon. I also enjoyed my time aboard a BMW F800GS the second and third day of riding, a bike that made the KLR650 feel very antiquated. Because Touratech provides tons of GPS tracks and different level rides, we were able to choose the mileage and difficulty based on how motivated we were in the scorching heat. We decided on multiple shorter rides the last two days, taking advantage of any ice cream shop and convenience store that sold cold drinks along the way!

2015 Touratech Rally

An entertaining way to cap off each day was the challenge course and the slow race in the evening. Watching riders compete not only against each other but attempt to conquer the challenge course was great. If you own an Adventure bike (or any street-legal bike) and want to attend a Touatech Rally, I highly suggest it, you’ll have a great time and they really do a great job of providing great rides for any type of rider.

Touratech will be hosting a similar event in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania on August 13th – 16th. Dakar Rally veteran and 4-Time Baja Champion Quinn Cody will be in attendance to share stories from his legendary off-road racing career and will line up to challenge attendees in the ‘slow race’. You can register for this event at www.touratechrally.com


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