Triumph T214 SE Honors Johnny Allen & the Texas Ceegar

MotorcycleUSA Staff | July 28, 2015

Triumph celebrates Bonneville Land Speed records past with its new Bonneville T214 Special Edition. The T214 pays homage to Johnny Allen’s 1956 run with the Texas Ceegar, which put him in the record books at 214.40 mph. The Texas Ceegar was a streamlined 650cc Triumph Thunderbird developed and built by airline pilot J.H. “Stormy” Mangham and 2001 AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame inductee, Jack Wilson.

Triumph Texas Ceegar

At the time of his 1956 run, Allen had already amassed six speed records in different classes, but his 214.40 mph pass placed him at the top of the heap with the fastest outright speed record.

The T214 honors the Texas Ceegar with features such as a similar hand-painted Caspian Blue and Pure White color scheme along with red and white checkered accent similar to that found on the tail of the ’56 streamliner. A tank badge celebrates Allen’s achievement as well. Additional features which set the T214 apart from the T100 it’s based on include a smaller, deep bowl headlight; black rims, handlebars and rear suspension springs, red stitching on the seat and a re-profiled rear mudguard.

Triumph Bonneville T214 Special Edition

There is a planned production run of 1000 units for the T214 and it’s priced at $9999.

Triumph still has its sights set on breaking the current land speed record with its Triumph Rocket, having employed Guy Martin as pilot for the next attempt at reaching 400 mph.