2015 Motorcycle World Wheelie Championship Results

Byron Wilson | August 17, 2015

On Sunday August 16, 2015, crowds gathered at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire, to take in the 10th Motorcycle World Wheelie Championship. The goal of riders is to keep the bike on its back wheel for a kilometer, going as fast as possible. Riders from all over the world came to compete but in the end it was Gary Rothwell hailing from Liverpool who took top prize, reaching 197.879 mph. The top-three results for the World Wheelie contest are below.

Gary Rothwell World Wheelie Championship 2015

Gary Rothwell is the 2015 World Wheelie Champion after his 197.879 mph run on one wheel.

1. Gary Rothwell riding a Hayabusa Turbo 197.879 MPH
2. Egbert Van Popta from Holland riding a Hayabusa Turbo 195.805 MPH
3. Paddy O’Sullivan from Ireland riding a Suzuki GSXR 189.822 MPH

Competition wasn’t limited to wheelies however, and close to 30 speed racers battled to become the fastest person of the event. Becci Ellis from Scunthorpe won the honor with a 259.542 mph run on her Hayabusa Turbo. Here are the top three results from the speed contest.

Becci Ellis.

Becci Ellis on her Hayabusa Turbo.

1. Becci Ellis riding a Hayabusa Turbo 259.542 MPH
2. Jack Frost from North Ireland riding a Hayabusa Turbo 254.457 MPH
3. Les Marsh, Europe’s fastest grandad biker, from Cleveland riding a Hayabusa Turbo 245.622 MPH

For a bit of fun, oddities like a motorized shed, a jet-powered shopping cart, the “World’s Fastest Toilet” and the 8000cc Millyard Viper bike made runs as well. Here are some highlights from this portion of the event.

• The motorized, shed designed, built and driven by Kevin Nicks form Oxfordshire did a top speed of 70.7670 mph.
• The jet-powered shopping trolley, designed, built and driven by Matt LcKeown form Plymouth, did a top speed of 55.8575 mph.
• The Millyard Viper V10 8 driven / ridden by Allen Millyard form Berkshire, who took five years and £30,000 to design and build the bike, reached a top speed of 182.511 mph.

Matt McKeown.Matt McKeown with his jet-powered shopping cart.

 Kevin NicksKevin Nicks’ motorized shed went 70.7670 mph.

Shawn Walker on the world's fastest toilet

Shawn Walker on the world’s fastest toilet.


Allen Millyard uses sourced a 1996 Dodge Viper GTS 8000cc V10 engine for his Millyard Viper bike.

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