Arai Corsair-X Helmet First Look

MotorcycleUSA Staff | August 10, 2015

Arai wants to elevate the standard of what racers and riders expect from a high-performance road motorcycle lid with the release of its Corsair-X. The Japanese-built helmet is a hand-crafted evolution of the seven-year-old Corsair V. Featuring a re-engineered shape and face shield, with improved ventilation, Arai’s premium helmet promises a superior experience behind the handlebar.


After seven years, Arai updates its top-of-the-line street and road racing helmet with its all-new Corsair-X lid.

The Corsair-X continues to use Arai’s proprietary R75 shell design. R75 refers to the minimum radius of the shell’s exterior (no less than 75mm). Instead of radical contours, the design ensures smooth, round, egg-shaped lines, designed to not tangle with objects in an accident. Arai says this mitigates the opportunity for additional energy to transmit into it and cause further damage to the rider’s head. It’s also the reason why all the external vents are designed to break away in a crash.

Composed of a mix of materials, in varied thickness, the Corsair-X is precision built to be both rigid yet flexible. A stronger shell maintains structural integrity, and disperses energy across a larger surface area. Though DOT, Snell, and ECE certified, Arai is proud to point out that its helmets are engineered above and beyond these standards. Still a privately held Japanese company, owned by an actual motorcycle rider, Arai prides itself as making one of the ‘safest’ helmets on the market with more than 40 years of experience hand-crafting shells inside its Japanese headquarters – classic Japanese craftsmanship at its finest.


The diffuser and ventilation system has been fully re-designed. The top air vents flow 20% more air than the Corsair-V that it replaces.

The interior of the helmet has changed slightly, with the chin bar extending 3mm deeper which literally gives the rider more breathing room. Although designed with racing in mind, Arai didn’t forget about the street rider by including speaker recesses to accommodate popular Bluetooth-style communication headsets.

The liner is comprised of six pad materials, all of which are removable, for easy cleaning in washing machines. The crown padding is made from a more supple material and includes intricately designed removable temple pad layers and an all-new replaceable top pad for improved fit. As always, Arai’s Facial Contour System (FCS) cheek pads, allow you to tweak the fit of the helmet and are available in different 5mm thickness increments – ranging from 25mm (standard size small) to 35mm, and beyond. New air ducts were installed into either side of the shell channeling air away from the eye port. The top vents were also redesigned and flow nearly 20% more air than the Corsair V.


The entire interior of the Corsair-X has been redesigned. Specifically, the crown padding features removable temple layers and a replaceable top pad for a more customized fit. Like before, Arai’s premium lid uses interchangeable thickness cheek pads to better accommodate rider’s face sizes.

The face shield and release mechanism are also fresh designs, engineered to work in unison with the updated shell shape for optimal protection. Levers on either side of the helmet release the pivot covers, allowing access to the shield and revised release mechanism. The set-up is dubbed Arai’s Variable Axis System (VAS) shield system.

Available for purchase October, 2015, the Corsair-X comes in sizes XS-XXL and is available in Black, Black Frost, White and Aluminum Silver colorways (prices starting at $839.95). Additionally, popular racer replicas, the likes of Hayden, Pedrosa and Vinales, will also be for sale, as well as a special 30th Anniversary Freddie Spencer replica ($969.95).

MotoUSA briefly sampled the new Corsair-X during its product introduction at Thunderhill Raceway. Expect a full review later this year as well put the new Corsair to work during product evaluations.


Replica Corsair-X versions will be available for purchase October, 2015 priced at $969.95. Pictured above is the Nicky Hayden colorway.

MotorcycleUSA Staff