GIVI RP Series Skid Plate Peek

August 11, 2015
Courtesy of GIVI

The RP Series Skid Plates from GIVI are laser cut from a 3mm thick, high quality aluminum sheet that is then folded and hand riveted to assume its final shape.

All the RP series skid plates are then anodized to add extra protection against oxidation, that can still affect aluminum in coastal or very humid areas.

GIVI RP Series Skid Plate Triumph Tiger

GIVI RP Series Skid Plate for Triumph Tiger 2011-2015 ($200)

They are easy to install and like most GIVI products, are bolt-on, meaning that there is no need for cutting, drilling or welding any existing part on the motorcycle.

They are available starting at $186.00 (msrp) for a significant number of Adventure Touring motorcycles, just check for the complete, and ever growing, list of applications.

GIVI RP Series Skid Plate BMW R1200 GS


GIVI RP Series Skid Plate for BMW R1200GS 2013-2015 ($186)

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