Attack Dog 2016 KX450F Project Bike Barks

September 16, 2015
Courtesy of Ride Engineering
Attack Dog 2016 KX450F Project Bike Barks

Ride Engineering, the industry leader in high quality racing accessories, is excited to begin work on their 2016 KX450F Project Bike. Offset triple clamps from Ride Engineering are the first step to un’leash’ing superb cornering on your new green machine.

Switching from our 2015 CRF450R to the 2016 KX450F, there are noticeable differences and areas of improvement. This new KXF has been redesigned and is a better all-around package than the previous generations but still has that distinctive Kawi feel; a bit of a pooch. Stock, the suspension isn’t bad, just a bit stiff for smaller test riders.

The stock package doesn’t like to dive to the inside line, and it still feels a little top heavy and resistant to lean in, especially under heavy braking. The good thing is a set of 21.5mm or 20mm clamps are available from Ride to improve this condition. Our test bike will also be getting a Showa steering damper, suspension settings from Factory Connection (complete with proper spring rate) and lightweight aftermarket products from other brands (like a full carbon exhaust from Yosh) to further reduce that tall, hinged sensation. We won’t rest until this bike feels as light and nimble as our 2015 CRF which lost 7lbs with similar modifications.

Follow Ride Engineering over the next two months as we transform this bike into a CRF/RMZ killer, and make it 15lbs lighter than a production 2015. Once complete, Motocross Action Magazine will then test our Pet project to see if we achieved our goals.

For more products, applications, and pricing, visit our website, or give us a call at (800) 805-1516.

Ride Engineering, Inc. designs and manufactures the highest quality billet aluminum accessories to improve the performance of motocross and off-road motorcycles specializing in handling and braking components. The company combines hands on testing with feedback from past and present professional race teams. Located in Southern California, all Ride Engineering products are made in the USA. For more information visit, follow us on Instagram, Twitter (@RideEngineering), and Facebook.