Bassani Xhaust 2into 1 System Available for Indian Scout

September 15, 2015
Courtesy of Bassani Xhaust
Bassani Xhaust offers a 2 into 1 system for the Indian Scout.

A much anticipated 2 into 1 High Performance System has been developed by the Bassani Xhaust R&D team. We’ve taken into account riders input on their needs for a system that will not only look good but sound and perform like Bassani’s Road Rage heritage is known for. Careful design planning went into this system with the knowledge and know how from decades of tried and trued methods from our Harley history. our checklist includes: Stepped headers, equal length headpipes the merge into an advanced collector system, removable baffle capability for tuning purposes, ground clearance, and made to fit with or without OEM Bags. It utilizes a special perforated baffle created to deliver an aggressive sound but not too obnoxious for everyday riding. We challenge any customer to find a better more well thought out system on the market today. We are offering this in two lengths both short and long and in chrome or black finish. Download a sales sheet here. Check out a video on these slips ons to hear them in action. Be sure to insist on genuine Bassani Xhaust parts at your local dealer.

We’ve taken our DNT technology that is a major hit and put it into our performance slip ons for the Victory Baggers which includes the Cross Country, Cross Roads, Hard Ball and the new Magnum. We recently outfitted two local test riders and they saw the difference immediatly describing the sound as a deep and throaty rumble on throttle but mild on idle, just the way they wanted it. DNT’s come with a unique Billet End Cap precision machined with multiple flutes inside to give it a gleaming unique look. We are sure this new slip on is going to be a best seller once riders hear it. Insist on Bassani Xhaust DNT at your Parts Unlimited dealers. Download a sales sheet today. Here a video sound clip on our youtube channel.

Check out the latest Bassani Xhaust Swag at our webstore online. You can purchase genuine apparel or novelties in fully secured ecommerce enabled site. Bassani Xhaust swag makes a great gift idea as well for that special someone who is a car or motorcycle enthusiast.