Honda Spoons RC213V GP Engine into Project 2&4 Concept

Bryan Harley | September 9, 2015

Honda has taken the RC213V engine from its MotoGP bike and mounted it into a hybrid vehicle that blurs the borders between motorcycle and automobile. Part Formula One race car, part Polaris Slingshot, and sheer unadulterated fun (from the look of things), Honda’s Project 2&4 features an open cockpit with a floating seat design. Honda says with Project 2&4 it was seeking “to create an intense driving experience by combining the most thrilling elements of riding a motorcycle with the most engaging characteristics of driving a car.”

Honda Project 2&4 with GP RC213V engine

Honda’s Project 2&4 is powered by the RC213V engine from its MotoGP motorcycle. 

The body design and positioning of its RC213V powerplant is said to be inspired by the Honda RA272 Formula One racer from 1965 that had a transverse-mounted V12 engine. The RC213V is claimed to put out over 215 PS (211 hp) at 13,000 rpm and peak torque of over 118 Nm (87 lb-ft) delivered at 10,500 rpm. Channeling that power is a six-speed DCT gearbox. It looks to have twin 2-into-1 exhausts. The low-slung racer is only 3040mm (119.7 in.) long, 1820mm (71.65 in.) wide and sits 995mm (39.17 in.) high. Tipping the scales at 405 kg (892.87 lbs), the mid-mounted engine helps weight distribution while its low center of gravity makes it one ground-hugging machine. Having four grippy Bridgestone Potenza tires doesn’t hurt, either.

Honda's Project 2&4

Honda’s Project 2&4 was the winning design in the company’s annual ‘Global Design Project’ competition. 

Honda states “The exhilarating feeling created from the open cockpit is significantly enhanced by the driver’s seat, uniquely suspended just above the road. The ‘floating seat’ design places the driver as close to the action as possible, evoking the freedom of a bike and completing the immersion provided by Honda Project 2&4’s extreme performance, 14,000 rpm red line and unique engineering.”

Project 2&4 is the result of Honda’s annual contest between its design studios. Project 2&4, conceived by Honda’s motorcycle design studio in Asaka and designed in collaboration with the automobile design studio in Wako, is the winner of this year’s ‘Global Design Project.’ The vehicle will be debuted at the 66th Frankfurt Motor Show.

Honda Project 2&4 with floating seat design

The floating seat and open cockpit design supposedly provides a motorcycle-like experience in a vehicle with the handling capabilities of a sports car. 

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