The Saga Continues – Icon’s Drift 4K: Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle 4

MotorcycleUSA Staff | September 15, 2015

Icon Motosports fosters more than a brand. Through savvy marketing and epic videos, it fosters a riding culture, front wheels lofted high, back tires spewing smoke, desert scramblers spitting roost and superbikes sliding sideways. Icon’s first Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle video has over 17 million views. Today Icon dropped the fourth video of its Drift series once again starring the skills of E-Dub and Apex.

There’s no shortage of tongue-in-cheek humor in this one as scenes span from Mexico to Miami, night-time street shredding to the track. Between Whiskey Garage’s Driftin’ Dan Brockett and the Freestyle Empire crew, plenty of tires are fried. There’s a funny cameo by Dax Shepard while blonde vixen Michaela Hajkova spices up some scenes. If you’ve got a “Sweet Tooth” for drifting like nobody’s business, click on and enjoy.

Here’s the video description courtesy of YouTube:
“After a narrow escape from the clutches of Officer Buck 3 years ago, ICONs Ernie Vigil and Nick Brocha have fallen on hard times and are stunting on the Mexican circuit to make ends meet. Officer Dan Brockett meets up with the boys to help pull them out of their funk and leads them to a track where Russian drifting legend, Sugar Daddy, and is 1500 HP Mustang awaits.”