AGV Sport Tracer Leather Jacket Review

MotorcycleUSA Staff | October 26, 2015

I’m a sucker for leather. Love the feel, love the smell. It gives me confidence it’ll keep skin on my bones when I ride and is my material of choice for motorcycle jackets. Bonus points if it’s black.

The smartly-styled AGV Sport Tracer Leather Jacket met the list of criteria I like most in a riding jacket, so I’ve been putting it to the test during the summer riding season. Made of 1.2mm premium grade buffalo leather that’s smooth to the touch, the pliable leather has allowed for full range of movement in the arms since the first day. Sizing of the jacket runs a little small though because the AGV Sport Element Vintage Jacket I tested before in 2XL fit perfectly while the 2XL Sport Tracer Leather Jacket is tight in the shoulders. At a thickness of 1.2mm, the leather feels a little thin compared to other jackets I’ve worn.

AGV Sport Tracer Leather Jacket

The AGV Sport Tracer Leather Jacket has the full complement of protective armor. The 10mm-thick memory foam back pad is nice and big, covering from the between the shoulder blades to just above the waistline. The jacket also has CE-approved shoulder and elbow pads. All of the pads reside in pockets stitched into the permanent jacket liner that does a good job of keeping them in place yet are easily removable.

The jacket has four pockets, three exterior and one interior. The two front pockets are barely hand-deep and the breast pocket is just the right size and depth to slip my smart phone into. While space to stuff things in is minimum, at least all three zip up. The one interior pocket stitched into the liner is deeper and more useful than the front pockets. The liner it is stitched into is permanent and features micro mesh lining in the body area and silk lining in the sleeves. There’s also a comfortable quilted vest liner that zips out.

Buckle loops with Velcro straps on each side offer a little adjustability to fit just above the waist. The sleeves cinch tight via a combination of snaps and small zippers. The collar also has a snap and an extra layer of padded neoprene for comfort. The jacket has no vents though and could benefit from a bit more air flow on hot summer days. If you unzip the sleeves and wear shorty gloves you can at least get some air circulating up the sleeves.

The AGV Sport Tracer Leather Jacket has stood up to daily wear, the multi-stitched main seams and single stitching everywhere else showing no signs of fraying. The leather is weathering nicely and is just beginning to crease at the elbow joints and under the shoulders, worn but not worn-out.

At $279, the AGV Sport Tracer Leather Jacket provides a level of quality comparable to riding jackets that cost almost twice as much. Styling is attractive, stitching is solid, and it comes with full armor. Pocket space is limited, as is ventilation, but the supple buffalo leather is durable and the jacket is manufactured well enough to easily last a few riding seasons so you’ll get your money’s worth.

AGV Sport Tracer Leather Jacket Review

AGV Sport Tracer Leather Jacket – (Available in black only) Sizes:  Small – 3XL
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MotorcycleUSA Staff