Surfer Chippa Wilson on Board with British Customs’ Weekend Projects

October 29, 2015
Courtesy of British Customs

British Customs is putting motorcycle customization in the hands of the average rider by introducing their Weekend Projects with 150+ accessible and affordable upgrades packages that are designed to allow the average rider to completely transform a motorcycle into any style bike system by system. All the upgrades included in each package can be installed using common tools, and only require minimal technical knowledge to convert any motorcycle in a cafe racer, flat tracker, bobber, or any other classic motorcycle style.

To bring quality, personalized craftsmanship to people of all walks of life, Nixon, a sponsor of BC Weekend Projects ambassador Chippa Wilson, has partnered with British Customs to power this initiative to spur wide innovation and creativity. Wilson’s addition to the Nixon Team was recently celebrated by both partners with a stunning announcement video posted on YouTube.

Surfer Chippa Wilson to be ambassador for British Customs Weekend Projects

Surfer Chippa Wilson is on board to be an ambassador for British Customs Weekend Projects and its Riders for Health campaign. 

British Customs seeks to revitalize the heritage of the motorcycle community’s home-garage culture by reconnecting riders with the lifestyle of the “good ol’ days” of vintage motorcycles and “making do with what you have.” During this heyday of motorcycling, customization was widely accessible and practiced.

But now, when someone thinks of getting a custom motorcycle, they imagine taking a bike to a chop shop and having to spend large sums of money to get something unique.

British Customs is trying to change that. What they want any rider to think about having a custom motorcycle now is being in their garage with their own bike, a set of basic tools, and making it happen with whatever parts they want to install on their motorcycle.

“Being able to personalize your own motorcycle is a rewarding and enjoyable experience,” stated Jason Panther, President of British Customs. “We’re changing what it means to get a custom motorcycle by allowing riders customize their own bikes with factory-spec bolt-on parts they can install themselves. With the BC Weekend Projects, we’re grouping parts that are designed to go together in packages to take the guesswork out of what you need to modify any system on a bike.”

Weekend Projects includes packages of upgrades designed to contain everything a rider needs to upgrade an entire system on their bike, including appearance, bodywork, controls, driveline, handling, lighting, and performance. The upgrades in these packages are grouped together to eliminate the guesswork behind customizing a motorcycle, making working on a bike accessible to any rider without formal training.

Weekend Projects is also part of an initiative to raise awareness for Riders for Health, a charity that uses motorcycles to deliver life-saving medical supplies to rural communities in Africa. To bring the community together to support Riders for Health’s cause, industry-leading brands GoPro, Nixon, and Simpson Racing Products, and innovators Abel Brown, Hagon, Saint, RAEN, Thursday Boot Co., Aether, and Stance have partnered with British Customs to do weekly product giveaways with British Customs’ exclusive media partner @CafeRacersOfInstagram, including a one-of-a-kind Mad Max-themed CROIG X BC Edition 2015 Triumph Bonneville.

Chippa Wilson is the ambassador for Weekend Projects, and is acting to promote awareness globally to benefit Riders for Health. Wilson is a groundbreaking athlete and progressive role model for many, and he is known for his deep respect for the past and the new heritage. Driven by this respect, he is an icon of the do-it-yourself lifestyle and has a love for personalizing things through BC Weekend Projects.

For more information on Weekend Projects, visit the BC Weekend Projects website.

For more information on the partnership and motorcycle giveaway, and to donate and support Riders for Health, visit the British Customs Support Riders page.