2016 Triumph Tiger Explorer Range First Look

MotorcycleUSA Staff | November 17, 2015

Triumph has introduced an updated Tiger Explorer range which includes six models – the Explorer XC and XR base models, the XCx and XRx and finally the top-tier XCA and XRT. Each bike is powered by a 1215cc Triple with shaft final drive and includes a raft of electronics updates from new cornering ABS and traction control to semi-active suspension and more.

2016 Triumph Tiger Explorer XCA

2016 Triumph Tiger Explorer XCA.

The company has divided the Tiger Explorer range into two “variants,” the XR line of Explorers designed to excel in on-road conditions while the XC range is designed with off-road going in mind. Triumph is quick to assert, however, that “both the XR and XC models are more than capable of performing in either environment.”

In addition to the engine and final drive, all six Explorers come with an updated clutch and new exhaust system, which Triumph claims offers a “distinctive resonant note.” Each also has an electronically adjustable windscreen, however the premium XRT and XCA have a taller unit as standard equipment. The lines of the bodywork have been revised for a more aggressive look and the cockpit has been updated to optimize rider comfort. All models feature radially-mounted Brembo monobloc calipers to handle braking duties.

The biggest changes, however, come in the electronics department, with numerous systems aimed at improving ride quality and to bring the Explorer line into closer competition with its ADV rivals. The entire line now features a number of Rider modes, with Road and Rain available on the entry XR and XC models, an Off-Road mode also available on the XRx/XCx & XRT and XCA models and a fifth, rider programmable option available on the XRT and XCA.

The XC and XR versions feature multi-channel switchable ABS and traction control while the other four motorcycles come with a cornering ABS system and traction control. The base options also come with WP adjustable suspension, front and back.

2016 Triumph Tiger Explorer XRt.

2016 Triumph Tiger Expolorer XRT.

The other four available models utilize a Triumph Semi Active Suspension system which electronically controls damping front and rear, as well as the rear preload settings, in accordance with the terrain. These four models also feature cornering-optimized ABS and traction control, utilizing information gained from the Inertial Measurement Unit. Heated grips come standard on all four up-spec models as well.

At the top of the heap, the XRT and XCA also source a Hill Hold Control system which keeps the motorcycle from rolling backward on inclines. The XRT and XCA also feature heated rider and passenger seats in addition to all the other electronic goodies mentioned above.

Pricing, availability and full spec sheets are currently unavailable for the new line of Triumph Tiger Explorers. We will update as soon as such information is made available.

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