CSC Motorcycles Offers $1895 TT 250 Dual Sport

November 30, 2015
Courtesy of CSC Motorcycles

CSC Motorcycles announced today that it is accepting deposits for the new TT 250 dual sport motorcycle through its industry-leading Don’t Miss the Boat program. Under the Don’t Miss the Boat program, riders can reserve the new CSC TT 250 for only $1,895. When the introductory offer expires, the new CSC TT 250 will sell for $2,495.

“The Don’t Miss the Boat program worked extremely well for us earlier this year when we introduced the RX3,” said Steve Seidner, CSC Motorcycles President and Chief Executive Officer. “We used a similar approach when introducing our flagship adventure touring motorcycle, the 250cc RX3, and the response to that offer was outstanding. When we introduced the RX3 early last year, our choice was to throw a substantial sum of money at advertising, or forego profits initially by offering a killer price to get the word out. We chose the latter approach on the RX3 and it worked well. We’re doing the same with the new TT 250, and our introductory price for it is $1,895. After we sell the first few bikes, the TT 250 price goes to $2,495, which is still the best deal in town. That’s less than a pair of saddlebags on some motorcycles.”

CSC TT 250

The TT 250 is an air-cooled, 5-speed, dual-sport motorcycle designed for both highway and offroad use. The motorcycle weighs 309 lbs, it has both electric and kick starting, and it has a counterbalanced engine. The TT 250 has a 21-inch front wheel and an 18-inch rear wheel for superior off-road performance. Hydraulic disk brakes are standard equipment, as are inverted forks and adjustable rear suspension. Like the RX3, CSC is including handlebar-controlled accessories outlets under the seat and a 300-watt alternator as standard equipment. The CSC TT 250 will be available in three colors: White with orange TT lettering, black with silver lettering, and red with silver lettering.

“We’ve established a reputation as a customer-centered adventure motorcycle company,” Seidner continued, “and just like we did for the RX3, we’ll offer extensive online maintenance tutorials, a free shop manual with each motorcycle, and the parts and service support our customers have come to expect. We’ll also be developing a full line of TT 250 accessories. We will continue to sell direct, as the approach is working well for us and our riders. There are no dealers to get between us and our customers, we stay close to our riders, and we don’t inflate setup and freight fees. We’ve built a great reputation by offering quality products, by having all parts in stock, by being honest with our customers, and by going the extra mile to provide high value at a reasonable cost. But don’t take our word for it…go online on to any of the adventure riding forums and see what our customers say. They are our best advertising.”

The CSC TT 250 is completing CARB and EPA certification and will be available in all 50 states in March of 2016. The bikes will have a one-year unlimited mileage warranty. For a very limited time, customers can reserve a TT 250 through the Don’t Miss the Boat program at the $1,895 price with a $1,000 deposit by contacting CSC directly at 909 445 0900.

Additional information on the TT 250 is available on the CSC blog (accessible through the CSC Motorcycles website) or by calling 909 445 0900.