Graduates Only Masters Class is Back at YCRS

November 30, 2015
Courtesy of Yamaha Champions Riding School
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Dear Graduates,

The graduates only Masters Class is back!

We hear it all the time: “I’ll be back!” YCRS is addicting and we have an almost 50% return rate, students coming back to get a tune-up and gain more skills.

Early in the 2015 season, we were mid-stride at our new winter home at Inde Motorsports Ranch near Tucson, AZ and held a graduates only “Masters Class” inviting only former students from the Yamaha Champions Riding School, the Freddie Spencer High Performance Riding School, or the Peris Riding School. In this class we listened to everyone and developed a program to get riders to that next level, the next plateau.

We love tradition and our Graduate Only school is one of our favorite events. It’s happening January 7/8 of 2016 and we have some terrific plans that include data acquisition review and a ton of video work. Throw in suspension experiments, track changes and a few secret challenges to create two days of two-wheeled heaven.

Last winter, we concentrated on the slowest point of the corner and increasing the adjustability of every rider’s inputs. We still get emails about how that is helping riders all over the country.

Mark your calendars for January 7-8. We hope to see lots of familiar faces; if last year’s class is an example, epic is not far off what these two days might be so don’t miss out.

Cost will be $1995 plus $200 per day for bike rental and spots are limited as we like to keep our Arizona home as quaint as possible.

Best Regards,
The YCRS Team
Nick, Chris, Kyle, Mark, Josh, Limore, and Keith

And oh yeah, Happy belated Thanksgiving!