Indian/RSD SuperHooligan Bar-Bangin’ Bash on Scout Sixty Flat Trackers

MotorcycleUSA Staff | November 20, 2015

It all went down in a deserted San Pedro warehouse down by the docks. The smolder of burnt rubber filled the air, throttles cracked and unleashed barking exhausts that echoed off the rooftop. The posse of RSD SuperHooligan riders spun tight circles on a short cement oval within an arena of orange and white construction barriers, elbows up, eyes wide. The shrill sound of sirens interrupted the party, a handful of LA’s finest on their black and white motorcycles storming the warehouse. Luckily, they were in on the gig, all part of Indian Motorcycle’s slideshow.

RSD SuperHooligan Races on Indian Scout Sixtys

Some good ol’ fashioned fun was to be had Thursday night at the warehouse races on RSD SuperHooligan Indian Scout Sixtys. 

To celebrate the release of the company’s 2016 Scout Sixty, Indian threw Thursday night’s SoCal shindig. The new Scout Sixty debuted a couple days earlier at the EICMA show in Milan, but this was the first time North American journalists who didn’t make the trip to Italy got a chance to inspect Indian’s new 999cc machine. Better yet, Indian took five of the pre-production Scout Sixtys that were headed to the crusher and gave them to the team at Roland Sands Design to work their magic on. The result is five fire-breathing flat trackers, the first-ever customized Scout Sixtys. The motorcycles are headed to Vegas this weekend to be wrung out on the short track at the Orleans Hotel & Casino for the RSD SuperHooligan races, a fun sideshow to Saturday night’s Superprestigio event. What better way to give them a shakedown than roasting a few laps on a makeshift track inside an old warehouse down by the Port of Los Angeles.

Doing the hooligan honors this night were Roland himself, Drake McElroy, Helder Alvernaz, and The Suicide Machine brothers, Shaun and Aaron Guardado, who helped RSD out by building two of the hooligan racers.

“These bikes I think are really going to bring some new ideas to the table. It’s really like the forward-thinking way to customize. And the way that they work on a flat track is incredible. I mean these things rip, they’re like riding a 450, it’s insane,” said Sands after spinning a few laps.

RSD SuperHooligan Indian Scout Sixty flat trackers

“One of the things that I think is unique, I don’t think a lot of you guys have seen one disassembled, is the back half of the motorcycle basically unbolts in no time. It really cleans up nice and easy. Tell us, clearly we don’t have stock fenders or subframes on the back end anymore, but tell us a little bit about what you did to modify the bikes to go racing,” said Indian’s External Relations Manager, Robert Pandya.

“19-inch wheels, different risers, we moved the handlebars back and went with wider handlebars, breakaway levers. Took off everything that the bike didn’t absolutely need. We did the tail section. We built a box under the tail section to lift it up. Raised up the shocks, we moved the shock mount back. We built a new, lower pipe, moved the foot controls. We did a belt tensioner. That’s it. There were pretty, I won’t say they were easy to build, but they weren’t that hard to build,” added Sands.

Before the night was over, Sands hinted that we might see some RSD SuperHooligan kits for the Indian Scout in the future. Until then, the RSD SuperHooligan Scouts are headed to Vegas for some bar-banging action with the likes of McElroy and super-stunter Aaron Colton at their helm.

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