Michael Ballard & Jesse James go Full Throttle at 2015 Lone Star Rally in 1st Post-Fire Appearance

MotorcycleUSA Staff | November 7, 2015

The trauma of seeing the empire you built up for ten years reduced to cinders in two hours doesn’t heal overnight. It’s been 59 days since the empire Michael Ballard and Jesse James Dupree franchised into the Full Throttle Saloon burned to the ground. And while the wounds of the fire may still be fresh, what better way to heal those wounds but through a Texas-sized biker party down in Galveston.

The Full Throttle Saloon is in full effect at the 2015 Lone Star Rally, from the unmistakable Full Throttle-skinned big rig and the bounty of FTS merch it ferries to plenty of barmaids slinging S’loonshine. A steady flow of music streams from the main stage, Cold Hard Cash channeling the spirit of Johnny during the day Jackyl trying to burn it down at night. Some cold hard cash was also flowing the FTS way as the house was packed Friday night for the Jackyl concert at $10-a-head, and a little cash flowing in is a good way to remedy the pain of seeing your beloved business go up in flames.

Jesse James Dupree MIchael Ballard Lone Star Rally 2015

FTS owners Jesse James Dupree and Michael Ballard were greeting fans and posing for photo ops Friday afternoon.

The 2015 Lone Star Rally is one of the first appearances by the Full Throttle Saloon clan since the incident. Ballard and Dupree met with fans Friday, signing autographs and posing for photo ops. Later that night, Jackyl frontman Dupree talked about the fire, announced that Full Throttle will soon be airing a new show, and talked about the decision to rebuild during the show.

“We had a good time there at the rally In Sturgis, South Dakota. And then we had a damn fire burnt 30 acres and about ten million dollars worth of a good time down to the ground. But we’re keeping our heads up high, nobody got hurt, and we brought the Full Throttle down to Galveston, Texas, to celebrate.

Jesse James Dupree Jackyl Lone Star Rally 15

Jesse James Dupree was feelin’ it Friday night at the 2015 Lone Star Rally.

“We’ve got a brand new version of Full Throttle Saloon television show that comes on December 1 on the Destination America channel. We’ve moved from truTV, we’re on Destination America, call your cable companies and be sure you’ve got Destination America. December the first, you get to see baby Emily for the first time, Mike and Angie’s new baby. You get to see the 75th anniversary, all kinds of crazy stuff. And then, of course, we’re going to address the big question. We’re trying to figure it out now but we’ll be able to let you guys know as far as the rebuild.

“Thank you so much. There’s not a better fraternity of people who support each other. Over three million people in the first 48 hours reached out to us on Facebook letting us know that they were sorry about the Throttle. That’s family people. Let’s give it up for each other. We stick together, that’s what it’s all about. Whether it’s Toys for Tots, whether it’s Bikers for Babies, whether it’s the Wounded Warriors, it doesn’t matter. There’s not a more giving bunch, there’s not a more solid fraternity. And I know in Texas, there’s people that freak out ‘cuz there’s shit on the news, just a small group of trouble, I know that 99% as they say is all here to have a good time. And the 99 is here tonight and we’re celebrating a damn good rock and roll show,” said Dupree.

FTS Michael Ballard 2015 Lone Star Rally

And it was a damn good ear-splittin’ show last night, a scene that will repeat itself tonight as Jackyl again headlines the Beach Central Park stage on the Seawall.

The 2015 Lone Star Rally continues with both the Cycle Source bike show and the Baddest Baggers competition out on the pier. A slight rain Saturday morning doesn’t seem to be dampening spirits because bikers are still out in force.

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