British Customs Launches Legend Series Heritage Motorcycles & Parts

December 11, 2015
Courtesy of British Customs 

Legends Never Die

British Customs recently unveiled its new Legends Series, which strives to keep the greats of motorcycling alive through building custom motorcycles in collaboration with them and releasing new lines of products inspired by heritage designs. The Legends Series is more than just a vintage throwback, but seeks to revitalize the mythology of motorcycles by connecting directly with the icons who are still with us today and reintroducing them to modern audiences because of how relevant and powerful they still are. British Customs seeks to give credit where credit is due, because they’re finding that the influence of these unsung heroes is vast, but largely unattributed due to a simple lack of documentation.

“We want to honor the people who forged the historic origins of motorcycling with the Legends Series,” stated Jason Panther, President of British Customs. “The pioneers of motorcycling were true visionaries who gave us a heritage that we shouldn’t take for granted. With the Legends Series, we seek to breathe new life into the many icons and influencers that have faded or become entirely forgotten, but shouldn’t have been.”

Sonny Nutter

British Customs Legend Series pays tribute to trail blazers like Sonny Nutter. 

Independent of each other, various legends of motorcycling approached British Customs and asked them to digitize their archives and share them with contemporary online audiences. British Customs was honored to be asked to become their digital trustees, and took this as the inspiration to create the Legends Series. To share not only their stories, but to give riders a chance to share in their community’s great heritage, British Customs developed in collaboration with each of the legends multiple vintage-styled parts that the average rider can install on their own bike.

To kick off their Legends Series, British Customs is publishing the build notes for the custom motorcycles they built in collaboration with Eddie Mulder, Sonny Nutter, Richard Pollock, and the Gyronaut X-1 team. These build notes document every part used to create these special tributary bikes, and include many of the new heritage-inspired parts that are now available to the public. The motorcycles used as the foundation for each of these builds are from Triumph’s Modern Classic family, which include the popular and iconic Bonneville, Thruxton, and Scrambler.

British Customs Sonny Nutter Triumph.

British Customs’ Sonny Nutter tribute Triumph

With Eddie Mulder, infamous flat tracker racer of the ‘60s and ‘70s, successful Hollywood stuntman, and eight-time winner of the world-renowned Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, British Customs built “Triumphant.” Triumphant is a modern reimagining of the bike Mulder won the Vintage Motorcycles Class of Pikes Peak International Hillclimb on, but true to the spirit of the original vintage bike.

British Customs teamed up with Richard Pollock, legendary custom motorcycle builder of Mule Motorcycles and godfather of the street tracker style of motorcycle, to create the British Customs X Mule Motorcycles Tracker Classic. British Customs has since been asked by him to become the exclusive dealer for his parts, and they are adding his parts to their Pro Builder Series. The Tracker Classic is modeled after the Triumph factory team flat track bikes of the late ‘60s, and features a number of Pollock’s extremely high performance and precision Mule parts, such as swingarm spacers, handlebars, and an oil cooler kit.

British Customs Tracker Classic

British Customs Tracker Classis has been built and designed in collaboration with Richard Pollock of Mule Motorcycles. 

The parts designed in collaboration with the legends, and many of those used on the custom Legends Series bikes, are now available to the public on the British Customs website.

For all those interested in featuring pieces of this archival footage in related pieces in their own publications, please email British Customs with a request. To anyone who may know of other unsung heroes who deserve to be included in the Legends Series, please get in touch with British Customs via email to discuss.

About British Customs:
British Customs is a Southern California-based lifestyle brand and designer of aftermarket motorcycle parts. They are known for making the highest quality factory-spec bolt-on parts that only require common tools and minimal technical knowledge to install. With any of their parts upgrades, the average rider can completely customize his or her motorcycle in a weekend.