Michael Ballard to Rebuild Full Throttle Saloon

MotorcycleUSA Staff | December 24, 2015

From the ashes, it will rise. The Sturgis icon known as The Full Throttle Saloon, razed to the ground Sept. 8 when a pinched power cord caught a cardboard box on fire, will be rebuilt. Full Throttle owner Michael Ballard issued a statement on the FTS facebook page confirming his intentions to rebuild “The World’s Largest Biker Bar” and laid out his plan of action to make it happen.

That plan includes “giving fans a chance to be a part of the rebuild” by purchasing metal plaques that will be a permanent part of the new building. A 12”X12” personal or memorial metal plaque on the side wall costs $250, a 12”X12” personal or memorial metal plaque on the back wall $500, and a 24”x24” personal or business metal plaque welded on the front of the Full Throttle Saloon sells for $2500. Ballard’s also offering up a full barrel of Full Throttle Trimble Tennessee Whiskey for $5000. People can also show their support by purchasing something as simple as a t-shirt or donations.

The Harley-Davidson Museum offers something similar to the plaques as it sells personalized rivets engraved in steel that are displayed on a curved steel wall on the grounds of the museum. A 3-inch rivet sells for $250 while a 6-inch rivet costs $1500.

Full Throttle Saloon will rebuild.

The potential new look of the Full Throttle Saloon can be seen on the redesigned FTS webpage and in the graphic above. A handful of bands are already being listed in the 2016 Sturgis entertainment schedule, including Molly Hatchet, Jackyl, and Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society.

The Full Throttle Saloon burned down right after the 75th Sturgis Rally and was not insured at the time. Ballard does have a secondary business to fall back on, the Full Throttle S’Loonshine distillery.

Here’s a copy of Ballard’s statement courtesy of the Full Throttle Saloon Facebook page.

Own a piece of Throttle!

On September 8th The Full Throttle Saloon burned to the ground. The entire Full Throttle Saloon Family, Friends and Fans suffered a devastating loss. It’s taken some time for me to digest what has happened. I will admit in the beginning I was thinking about all of the years of hard work I had spent building this place and how difficult it was. I was leaning towards just throwing in the towel. However, with the out pour of support from all of you in the form of calling, emailing and reaching out through social media’s offering anything you could to help rebuild the Throttle made me realize something. It showed me just how big and how many of you have been touched by the Full Throttle Saloon and what it represents!

Over the course of a few months I realized that the Full Throttle Saloon did not only belong to me…It also belonged to all of you! Because of the support from Angie and Jesse and all of the up lift from my staff, the public along with the community and the city of Sturgis I was able to stand back up and find the strength and determination to fight for the Throttle and REBUILD!

I hope people will understand how important it is that as I start this process over again that the support of the people who love it as much as I do stand with me. I am nervous that some people will come in and say the Throttle is not as fun as it used to be. To those who pose that concern, please understand it took me 17 years to get the Throttle to the level it was before it burned and the rebuild will take me many years as well. With all that being said I pray that you will stick it out with me and my family as we begin this up hill climb.

Here are some ways you can help us rebuild! Thank you for all your payers and the out cry of support for the rebuilding of the Greatest Adult Party and Entertainment Complex on the Earth! It’s YOU that made the difference in this rebuild becoming a reality!

On behalf of Angie, Emilly and myself…Thank you! Thank you ALL for everything!