Roof of Africa 2015 Day 2 Results

December 4, 2015
Courtesy of Greg Miller

The Roof of Africa is known as the Mother of Hard Enduro and it has produced a generation of incredibly talent young South African Hard Enduro riders Friday’s first full day stage, of the 2015 Roof of Africa was the perfect showcase of these young talents.

Wade Young was first out the start shoot with a 5 m 21 sec over 2nd place, after his convincing victory in the Time Trial of Thursday. Roof of Africa veteran Jade Gudzeit was closely followed by Yamaha teammates Brett Swanepoel while Kenny Gilbert had a 3 min deficit. Altus De Wet and Graham Jarvis left the start shoot over 9 minutes behind Young and it wasn’t long before Jarvis started moving up the field. Today’s stand out rider was South African, youngster Travis Teasdale who started in 10th place nearly 14 minutes back.

Roof of Africa 2015

Travis Teasdale on Day 2 of the Roof of Africa 2015.

Young held a steady lead for the first 50km, however Jarvis, Teasdale and Swanepoel were all on the move and were slowly gaining on Young. By the time they reached the second DSP just outside Ramabanta, Young’s lead was less than 3 minutes and Teasdale was leading a group that contained himself, Graham Jarvis and Brett Swanepoel.

Shortly after DSP 2 Teasdale’s group made contact with Young and, a four way battle for the lead ensued, for the next 50km. Graham Jarvis looked very comfortable on the course and looked like he may be biding his time before Saturday’s final stage. Navigational mistakes hampered any attempts at trying to pull a gap on the group and he was happy to follow in 2nd place.

Travis Teasdale had the navigation dialed in and was often the rider leading at the front of the pack. Wade Young looked to be in a bit of difficulty at the top of the Whispering Death Pass but quickly recovered on the descent and made his way to the front of the pack as the terrain opened up and the speeds picked up. Jarvis was noticeably slower, on the high-speed sections, leading towards the finish line and he will have to hope that tomorrow is significantly harder than today if he is going to be able to get away and maintain a lead over the 3 young South Africans.

Roof of Africa 2015

Wade Young ended Day 2 first overall.

On the run into the finish, Young moved back into first position and was pushing hard to try gain a small advantage over his rivals.

The first four riders all finished within 48 sec of Young and it’s more than likely that this group with quickly reform after the start tomorrow morning.

Kenny Gilbert had a good day out on the bike and rode the second half of the day with fellow Yamaha teammate Jade Gudzeit. Although not mixing it with the front pack, his time was good enough for 4th on the stage.

With temperature’s rising through the day, many of the riders further down the field began to fall victim to the heat, with a handful of competitors having to be treated for dehydration.

Day 2 Time Results:
1st: Travis Teasdale
2nd Graham Jarvis
3rd Brett Swanepoel
4th Kenny Gilbert
5th Wade Young
6th Jade Gudzeit
7th Bronson Louw
8th Marc Torlage
9th Altus De Wet
10th Henco Botha

Day 2 Overall Results:
1st: Wade Young
2nd Travis Teasdale
3rd Brett Swanepoel
4th Graham Jarvis
5th Jade Gudzeit
6th Kenny Gilbert
7th Altus De Wet
8th Bronson Louw
9th Dwayne Kleynhans
10th Henco Botha