Roof of Africa 2015 Final Results

December 7, 2015
Courtesy of Greg Miller

Saturday’s final stage of the 2015 Roof of Africa was set to have some close racing with the first four riders, all within a minute of overall leader, Wade Young and it didn’t disappoint. Shorty after the start, all four riders had regrouped and it looked like it was going to be another game of cat and mouse like Friday’s stage.

Graham Jarvis was happy to let Travis Teasdale do the navigation and was biding his time before they reached the big mountain passes.

Graham Jarvis Roof of Africa 2015

Graham Jarvis on the final day of action in the Roof of Africa 2015.

Jarvis played a perfect tactical game and his confidence in his own ability was evident as he let Wade Young, Teasdale and Swanepoel all race out of the neutral refuel, towards the first serious pass of the day. Jarvis took his time but it wasn’t long before he had moved into the lead going up Mokopu Pass, by the top he was nearly 6 minute up on Wade Young who was pulling away
from both Teasdale and Swanepoel.

The Roof is know as one of the hardest enduro’s in the world because of the endless, in your face, technical terrain and Saturday was no exception, straight after cresting Mokopu Pass the riders were send up Flying Sheppard Pass which summited at nearly 9000ft. Jarvis continued to build on his lead going up the loose rocky pass, before dropping into the green valleys below.

Brett Swanepoel and Travis Teasdale were matching each other move for move and managed to gain back some time on Young going up Flying Sheppard. Meanwhile further back on Mokopu Pass, Altus De Wet was moving up towards Kenny Gilbert and Jade Gudzeit. Temperatures were rising and Gudzeit was also managing issues with his cooling system, cresting Mokopu Pass in a cloud of white steam.

Jarvis had pulled a 20 minutes gap on Wade Young after Hard Rock Pass and arrived at the final DSP on a blistering pace. He maintained his lead back to the finish to claim his 3rd Roof of Africa title in front of a typically animated Roof of Africa crowd. Wade Young came in just under 20 min later, still with enough energy to pull a spectacular wheelie up the final climb for his home crowd.

Travis Teasdale and Brett Swanepoel were pushing hard for the finished, just over 2 minutes behind Young and swopping back and forth coming into the final climb. Swanepoel snuck in front on the last track and just pipped Teasdale to the line.

Day 3 Overall Results:
1st: Graham Jarvis
2nd Wade Young
3rd Brett Swanepoel
4th Travis Teasdale
5th Jade Gudzeit
6th Kenny Gilbert
7th Altus De Wet
8th Henco Botha
9th Dwayne Kleynhans
10th Wesley Redinger