Roof of Africa 2015 Underway

December 3, 2015
Courtesy of Greg Miller

The 2015 Roof of Africa got underway Thursday, with the traditional Round the Houses, taking to the streets of Maseru. Classes were separated into smaller groups that raced the 3-lap circuit as a spectacle for the local fans. Wade Young, the defending Roof of Africa champion lead the processional first lap before the flag dropped and once that happened he signaled his intention of retaining his title. Despite nursing an injured wrist, Young was out to prove the he is fit and ready to keep the title and fought off local favorite Charan Moore and Altus De Wet to take the win. Graham Jarvis took a more conservative approach to treacherous street course and was happy to ride around mid pack before the real racing started at the Time Trial.

Roof of Africa 2015

Graham Jarvis seemed eager to get things over with before the mid day heat set in and was first out the start shoot for the Time Trial. Despite his early attack on the course he was only able to post the 6th fastest time and will be playing catch up tomorrow. Altus De Wet was looking fast out on course and came in 45 seconds quicker than Jarvis claiming 5th place for the day. The Proudly Bidvest Yamaha team had an impressive showing in the Time Trial taking 3 of the top 4 places, 2003 Roof of Africa Champion Jade Gudzeit made a impressive return to the Roof, setting the 2nd fastest time of the day, closely followed by last years runner up Brett Swanepoel and Kenny Gilbert finish out the top 4.

Wade Young took his time starting the Time Trial but once on course he set a blistering pace claiming his second victory of the day and ensuring himself pole position for tomorrow.

Roof of Africa 2015

Wade Young charging to the top of the timesheet.

Riders will start the second day of racing in their respective finishing positions from the Time Trial and Graham Jarvis will have his work cut out for him to reel in the on-form Wade Young.

This evening’s brief thunderstorm will do little to affect tomorrows course, other than keep the dust down and it is all set for another day of exciting racing tomorrow.

Official Results:
Time Trial:
1. Wade Young
2. Jade Gudzeit
3. Brett Swanepoel
4. Kenny Gilbert
5. Altus De Wet
6. Graham Jarvis
7. Charan Moore
8. Dwayne Kleynhans
9. Kyle Flanagan
10. Travis Teasdale

Roof of Africa 2015