Two Premier East Coast Trackday Organizations Join Forces

December 7, 2015
Courtesy of Maverick Moto Media
Two Premier East Coast U.S. Trackday Organizations join forces and form Trackday Riders United or TRU.

Team Pro-Motion and Absolute Cycle Experience have joined in forming Trackday Riders United or TRU. This alliance partner share program will provide track riders more options and attractive incentives. Absolute Cycle Experience and Team Pro-Motion have each been dedicated to providing quality track days, a sense of comradery, and community for riders of all skill levels. Networking and bringing riders together have been at the forefront of the organizers of Absolute Cycle Experience and Team Pro-Motion for many years. The two leaders of the most popular organizations on the East coast will now be joining forces by working with one another on track schedules, costs, and venues. The two have met multiple times over the years always coming to roadblocks on how they could possibly work together. Although each of them at times have left frustrated they knew they would one day return to working together. After years in the industry, the sport and the riders continuing to be priority, today the two have found ways to make the partnership a win win. This is an exciting era for track day riders on the east coast and soon to be in the near future more widespread as with the development of Legacy Trackdays operating in the south east.

Roy Cadoo CEO and Managing Partner of Absolute Cycle Experience had this to say about the announcement. “This comes as no surprise to me,as I have sat across the table from Glen Goldman, President of Team Pro-Motion several times trying to find a way where our different ideas, or different areas of expertise could come together. After I started to ride on the track I switched over to Team Pro-Motion. I grew through the ranks, became a coach, a staff member, went racing and started the life of a Trackday rider and racer. A difference in ideas sent me down a path where Absolute Cycle Experience and were born. Ten plus years later, Glen and I have found a way to collaborate with each other’s organizations so our sport can grow. We found ways to make our different ideas work. Our organizations are not the two premiere trackday providers by chance. Through hard work, dedication, and a true love for the sport, Glen and I have sacrificed a lot to make dreams a reality, and for those who just purchased a sportbike to have a place to learn and enjoy riding in a safer environment. “.

Glen Goldman, President of Team Pro-Motion commented. “Building a business can be made better by sharing and surrounding yourself with people who are dedicated and committed as yourself. Offering riders more choices, better options and sensible solutions that allow for more confidence, equates to more success. I look forward to creating better paths for a stronger future in the trackday by going Full Throttle and passing it on”.

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