Pro Italia Online Purchased by AMS Ducati Dallas

January 12, 2016
Courtesy of Advanced Motorsports
A small portion of the Ducati apparel, accessories and parts kept in the AMS Dallas Ducati warehouse.

AMS Ducati Dallas, the largest exclusive-Ducati dealer in North America and located in Dallas, Texas, announced today that it has purchased Pro Italia Online, the largest Ducati-centric ecommerce store in North America. The new URL will be and the site will expand in the next few months to include AMS’ huge stock of parts, apparel and accessories, as well as its collection of vintage motorcycles.

Founded by Jeff Nash in 1995, AMS Ducati Dallas has become the largest exclusive Ducati dealer in North America. With over 23,000 square feet of space comprised of a 5,000 square foot service center with a state-of-the art dyno room and a restoration center, 7,000 square feet of warehouse space stocked with vintage and current parts (including a complete SuperMono engine) and a 11,000 square foot showroom, AMS Ducati Dallas is fully equipped to take on any Ducati-related needs. Walk around AMS Ducati Dallas and everywhere you turn brings you another group of vintage Ducatis, the full line of current Ducatis and displays of accessories, apparel and parts. Now AMS Ducati Dallas adds a virtual store with more than 35,000 items . . . and with many more to come.

Jeff, who was born in New Zealand and came to the US in 1989 to race and immerse himself in Ducati motorcycles, has created an extraordinary motorcycle environment. As Jeff says, “I’m lucky enough to have won 6 National Championships. I have a great relationship with Ducati and our customers and these relationships are very important to me.” Jeff added, “ The purchase of Pro Italia Online is a natural progression for AMS Ducati Dallas as we strive to bring our racing heritage, technical expertise, huge collection of parts, accessories and apparel, our love of all things Ducati and our commitment to the Ducatista community.”

Bob Berkow and Anthony Creek, the majority partners in Pro Italia Online, noted that “We are extremely pleased to have Jeff and AMS Ducati Dallas take on the responsibility for continuing to provide this important service to the Ducati community. Jeff will take Pro Italia Online to another level as he concentrates exclusively on Ducati and brings his and his shops experience, expertise and passion to AMS Ducati Dallas Online. We wish Jeff and the Ducati community the very best.”

Additional information about AMS Ducati Dallas and AMS Ducati Dallas Online can be found at and respectively.

About AMS Ducati Dallas: Since 1995, AMS Ducati Dallas has been a leader in Ducati service and sales in the United States. Located in Dallas, Texas, AMS Ducati Dallas has become the largest exclusive Ducati dealer in North America. It is widely recognized for restoring vintage Ducatis, providing deep technical expertise, having an extraordinary collection of parts (including vintage parts) and vintage Ducatis, and excellent service. For more information about please contact Jeff Nash at or (214) 466-6540