Shoei X-Fourteen Helmet First Look

MotorcycleUSA Staff | January 27, 2016

After a seven year production run, Shoei replaces its aging X-Twelve road racing helmet with its upgraded X-Fourteen. Born in the wind tunnel, the X-Fourteen benefits from enhanced aerodynamics and ventilation, while also employing a customizable multi-piece interior for superior fit. Like before, the Japanese-made helmet continues to boast a five-year warranty, and is available in sizes XS-XXL. The price is unchanged versus the outgoing model with solid colors beginning at $681.99 and replicas priced at $839.99. Expect to see Shoei’s latest lid in dealers next month.


The X-Fourteen benefits from an all-new streamlined shape that is claimed to reduce both lift and drag at high speeds.


The X-Fourteen now shares the RF-1200’s baseplate and face shield system. The visor also employs tear-off posts and vortex generators for better aerodynamics. Like before, it can be removed quickly without tools. Also of note are the flat screw-head adjusters which pull in the visor for improved sealing.


The ventilation system was revamped and gets an extra chin vent feeding air across the chin bar and through the cheek pads helping to mitigate excess perspiration in hot weather.


The rearward section of the helmet uses modular flaps designed to reduce lift at high-speeds. A set of optional smaller flaps can be fitted, and are said to be beneficial at lower top speeds on smaller displacement racebikes.


The interior of the X-Fourteen uses intricately designed modular padding which allows the rider to tailor each section of the helmet for a snug fit.

MotorcycleUSA Staff