Speed and Strength The Quick and the Dead 2016 Collection

January 21, 2016
Courtesy of Speed and Strength

Tucker Rocky/Bikers Choice is pleased to announce the launch of The Quick And The Dead™ collection from Speed and Strength®.

With the roll out of The Quick And The Dead™ collection from Speed and Strength®, it’s ‘Survival Of The Fastest’ in 2016. Featuring the one of a kind ‘The Quick And The Dead™’ leather vest, equipped with the Armed Response™ Dual Carry System ($199.95) and the all new SS1310 Quick And The Dead™ helmet ($159.95), it’s a call to arms for all those putting their safety on the front lines.

Speed and Strength Quick and the Dead Leather Vest

Speed and Strength® continues to carve out it’s place in American motorcycling with the release of the America Rising™ leather jacket. Made in the U.S.A. the jacket is built with a premium cowhide leather frame, heavy-duty metal hardware and features the Armed Response™ concealed carry system ($599.95). It’s low maintenance for high mileage.

Speed and Strength America Rising Jacket

The Spring launch also marks the introduction of the all new line of half helmets. Featuring the Drop Visor Design™ SS410, the SS310 with Airstrike Plus™ ventilation and the lightweight, low-profile SS210. Included in the lineup of new helmets are the SS4000 Carbon Fiber ($399.95), the fiberglass SS3000 (starting at $239.95) and the SS1310 (starting at $139.95).

View the Speed and Strength® The Quick And The Dead™ Collection.

Experience The Quick And The Dead™ Visual Look Book

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