YCRS Introduces New ChampDay and ChampStreet Programs

January 19, 2016
Courtesy of Yamaha Champions Riding School
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The Yamaha Champions Riding School (YCRS) has announced new programs for the 2016 school season, introducing “ChampDay” and “ChampStreet.” These programs will be featured in this year’s 2016 school schedule.

“ChampDay” is an abbreviated, one-day version of the well-known two-day school offered by YCRS. The new program will allow riders an opportunity to learn the Champions Habits taught at YCRS for less cost than a two-day school, and is offered as a ‘bring your own bike’ program, with school bikes available for rent.

“ChampStreet” is offered as a four-hour course aimed at street riders. The Yamaha Champions Riding School has been primarily thought of as a racing school, but the same fundamentals used by the best riders in the world to survive and thrive on the track are even better applied to the street. ChampStreet will run two programs a day, the morning sessions from 8am – 12pm and afternoon sessions from 1pm – 5pm. The full day course will run from 8am – 5pm.

“The addition of the ChampDay and ChampStreet programs is our way of catering to every rider out there,” said Nick Ienatsch, Senior Instructor at YCRS. “We have had major success with these programs and they have allowed us to reach new riders, especially the street riders. The Champions Habits that we teach can finally be brought to these supporters of ours who haven’t quite the cash to come to ChampSchool, or have felt that our school is only for racers.”

The 2016 Yamaha Champions Riding School calendar is as follows:
February 16 – 17 | ChampSchool | Inde Motorsports Ranch
March 12 | ChampDay | Arizona Motorsports Park
March 13 | ChampStreet | Arizona Motorsports Park
March 14 – 15 | ChampSchool | Inde Motorsports Ranch
April 4 – 5 | ChampSchool | Inde Motorsports Ranch
May 3 | ChampDay | New Jersey Motorsports Park
May 4 – 5 | ChampSchool | New Jersey Motorsports Park
May 31 | ChampDay | New Jersey Motorsports Park
June 1 – 2 | ChampSchool | New Jersey Motorsports Park
July 5 | ChampDay | New Jersey Motorsports Park
July 6 – 7 | ChampSchool | New Jersey Motorsports Park
September 12 | ChampStreet | New Jersey Motorsports Park
September 13 | ChampDay | New Jersey Motorsports Park
October 17 – 18 | ChampSchool | Inde Motorsports Ranch
November 7 – 8 | ChampSchool | Inde Motorsports Ranch
December 5 – 6 | ChampSchool | Inde Motorsports Ranch

For more information about Yamaha Champions Riding School, or to sign up for a school, visit www.ridelikeachampion.com

About Yamaha Champions Riding School:
Yamaha Champions Riding School plans to elevate world-class professional-level rider training in the United States. Offering schools at many circuits, YCRS teaches competition-proven techniques of motorcycle control to any pavement-bound rider with the ultimate goal of promoting safer riding in any condition. Learn how you can ride faster and safer by visiting www.ridelikeachampion.com

For questions, email teachme@ridelikeachampion.com.