YCRS Single Day Programs Officially Announced, Registration Open

January 22, 2016
Courtesy of Yamaha Champions Riding School
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The YCRS famed Champions Habits, normally offered only in the $1995 two-day ChampSchool, can now be experienced for as low as $160 and registration is open.

Yesterday, the official announcement was made that the much anticipated single-day programs; ChampDay for track oriented riders and ChampStreet for street riders only. Both programs were officially opened with dates set for both throughout 2016. The release can be read here as well as on websites from major publications such as RoadRacingworld.com.

So what are the details? OK, so if you’ve been under a rock and not heard us beating our drums about ChampDay and ChampStreet for the last month or two, here is the scenario:

ChampSchool is our $1995+ two-day school that has been the core of YCRS since the Freddie Spencer High Performance Riding School…that’s 18 years and counting. It is literally the best motorcycle rider training money can buy in the United States.


ChampDay is “ChampSchool Light” or “Intro to YCRS” for a lot less money ($495). While ChampSchool is still the top option and the best choice for those able to afford the investment and the few days off, ChampDay makes our Champions Habits more accessible to the rest of the riding community.

ChampDay has five dates this year. Not only will ChampDay be offered each time we visit New Jersey Motorsports Park this summer (May 3, May 31, July 5, & Sept 13), but now has a date at Arizona Motorsports Park near Phoenix, AZ on March 12.

ChampDay is mostly a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike) school but we may be able to do some bike rentals if needed. Reach out to us with your needs and we will try our best. The NJMP dates have an added bonus. If we have an open spot in our two day ChampSchool immediately following and a student decides to stay, we will credit their entire $495 tuition back to use towards the ChampSchool. That would make your ChampDay free. Everyone else who takes ChampDay will have one year to get a 50% refund of ChampDay towards the cost of a full two-day program. The details on this program can be found on our website here.


ChampStreet is for street riders only. Don’t have a fancy track suit? Don’t need one. Don’t want to be out lapping with fast racer types on the track? Don’t worry, they are not invited. This is a street rider program limited to legal street speeds learning the Champions Habits and how they should be applied to the road. We will be at a track but not doing open lapping. We will combine the parking lot with portions of the track in order to teach the skills needed but in a safe environment.

It’s been a HUGE success with Nick Ienatsch’s Sunset Clinics in Colorado as well as with the Marine Corps REST (Rider Essential Skills Training). ChampStreet training can save lives. Common sense aside, this should be a top requirement for years of safe riding. Shocked about us doing a street-rider-only program? Don’t be. There is a reason why the Motorcycle Safety Foundation recognizes us as only MSF Tier 3 riding school in the country. For you MSF folks, think of it as ARC on steroids.

ChampStreet has two scheduled events in 2016. Details on the program can be found here.

The March 13 date is split sessions, 3 hours each at Arizona Motorsports Park for only $160. This is an introductory rate so jump on because we expect this to become a rocketship in the world of rider training. The morning session will be from 9am-12pm and the afternoon session will be from 1pm – 4pm.

The second date is at New Jersey Motorsports Park and is on September 12 which is the Monday directly following the season finale of the MotoAmerica racing series. This will be a full day program for $495 and will sell out so don’t miss out. Make it a weekend. Come watch America’s best racers and stick around to learn how to apply what those racers do to your street riding. You would be amazed with how many common skills there are. Email teachme@ridelikeachampion.com for details and for hotel discounts at the Fairfield Inn near New Jersey Motorsports Park.

As always, spaces are limited so I wouldn’t hesitate on any of these. Get over to www.ridelikeachampion.com or www.champschool.com and click Enroll Today to see the registrations for these and all of our schools.

Lean more about our programs at the websites above, via Facebook or our YouTube Channel by clicking the links or emailing teachme@ridelikeachampion.com

Hope to see you all soon and remember to Keep the Rubber Side Down

2016 Schedule
Jan 7-8, Two-Day ChampSchool – Inde
February 16-17, Two-Day ChampSchool – Inde
March 12, One-Day ChampDay – Arizona Motorsports Park (AMP)
March 13, One-Day ChampStreet – AMP
March 14-15, Two-Day ChampSchool – Inde
April 4-5, Two-day ChampSchool -Inde
May 3, One-Day ChampDay – NJMP
May 4-5, Two-Day ChampSchool – NJMP
May 31, One-Day ChampDay – NJMP
June 1-2, Two-Day ChampSchool – NJMP
July 5, One-Day ChampDay – NJMP
July 6-7, Two-Day ChampSchool – NJMP
September 12, One-Day ChampStreet (Street Riders Only, lower speeds, no track gear required)
September 13, One-Day ChampDay – NJMP
October 17-18, Inde Two-Day ChampSchool
Nov 7-8, Inde Two-Day ChampSchool
Dec 5-6, Two-Day ChampSchool