2016 Phoenix 250 Supercross Results

MotorcycleUSA Staff | February 6, 2016

GEICO Honda’s Christian Craig took his first career 250 Supercross win in Phoenix. Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha’s Cooper Webb finished in second-place followed by Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Joey Savatgy in third.

Christian Craig 2016 Supercross

As has been the case in earlier rounds this year, Craig got a strong start while Webb found himself battling from behind. Craig’s teammate, Jimmy Decotis, was up at the front in the opening lap as well, with Troy Lee Designs’ Mitchell Oldenburg and Savatgy’s teammate Chris Alldredge. Webb wasn’t too far back however, moving up to fifth by the second lap. Further back a pile-up caught a number of riders, one being Rockstar Husqvarna’s Zach Osborne, third overall in points at the start of the night. Osborne was unable to return to the race, taken off track by the medical crew with an arm injury.

Craig pushed ahead of his teammate to claim the lead by the second rotation and started to build a gap on the field. Webb began to slice his way through the field with Savatgy holding close to the Yamaha’s rear tire. Webb made the move up to fourth past Alldredge on Lap 2, and Savatgy dispatched his teammate soon after for fifth.

On Lap 3 Webb was able to get ahead of Oldenburg for third-place while Savatgy looked for a way around into fourth. Craig held steady at the front with Decotis keeping himself in the runner-up spot.

Lap 4 saw Decotis start to feel the pressure from Webb, and Savatgy pass Oldenburg for fourth. Decotis was able to keep the Yamaha at bay for a few more laps, but on Lap 6 Webb pushed ahead into second.

Craig’s lead was down to under two seconds by the time Webb grabbed the number two spot, and it looked like Craig’s days were numbered in the lead as Webb quickly closed in to just a few bike lengths behind. Webb lost a bit of ground in the whoops, a section in which he crashed earlier in the day, but was able to hold upright. Webb closed in again and was within range to make a pass, but Craig put up a strong defense, holding to the inside and forcing Webb to make an aggressive move. The Yamaha attempted to cut hard to the inside of Craig on Lap 10 but ended up pushing too much, washing the front and going down. Craig was able to speed away while Webb jumped back to his feet. Webb held to second after getting back on the bike and rolling, but had Savatgy right behind him as he resumed the chase.

The final five laps saw Craig tick off one steady lap after another, and while Webb was able to make some headway he wasn’t able to get within range of a second charge at the front. Savatgy lost sight of Webb during the final laps, crossing the line to take the final step on the podium.

Oldenburg took fourth trailed by CycleTrader.com’s Colt Nichols in fifth and Alldredge in sixth. Webb’s teammate, Alex Martin, finished in seventh followed by Motorcycle Superstore Suzuki’s Kyle Cunningham in eighth. Decotis dropped back to finish ninth with Ride365.com’s Kyle Peters rounding out the top-10.

Webb regains the overall points lead thanks to his trio of wins to start the season, but is mathematically tied with Savatgy, in second, at 98. Craig is third with 87 points, followed by Nichols in fourth and Osborne in fifth.

Phoenix 250 Supercross Results 2016
1. Christian Craig (Honda)
2. Cooper Webb (Yamaha)
3. Joey Savatgy (Kawasaki)
4. Mitchell Oldenburg (KTM)
5. Colt Nichols (Yamaha)
6. Chris Alldredge (Kawasaki)
7. Alex Martin (Yamaha)
8. Kyle Cunningham (Suzuki)
9. Jimmy Decotis (Honda)
10. Kyle Peters (Honda)
11. Michael Leib (Yamaha)
12. Cole Martinez (Yamaha)
13. Cole Thompson (KTM)
14. Fredrik Noren (Honda)
15. Hayden Mellross (Yamaha)
16. Scott Champion (Yamaha)
17. Trevor Reis (Yamaha)
18. Noah Mcconahy (Husqvarna)
19. Chase Marquier (Honda)
20. Chris Howell (Husqvarna)
21. Austin Politelli (Yamaha)
22. Zach Osborne (Husqvarna)

250 SX West Championship Points 2016
1. Cooper Webb, 98
2. Joey Savatgy, 98
3. Christian Craig, 87
4. Colt Nichols, 81
5. Zach Osborne, 74
6. Jimmy Decotis, 71
7. Mitchell Oldenburg, 66
8. Kyle Peters, 62
9. Jordon Smith, 61
10. Kyle Cunningham, 54