Bassani Xhaust Road Rage III 2into1 System in Stainless for Dyna

February 17, 2016
Courtesy of Bassani Xhaust
Bassani Xhaust Road Rage III Stainless exhaust system.

We have a very important new system for the Dyna platform. We have taken our best selling pipe (1D12R/B) and made it even better. This system has everything an avid Dyna enthusiast would want. Stepped 1-3/4″>1-7/8″ equal length head pipes with advanced merge collector designed for maximum performance, stainless steel 304 construction, brushed finish with beautiful tig welding, and rear upper heat shield. We were able to bring the headpipes up more under the controls, for better ground clearance. The short megaphone muffler has an aggressive upsweep also allowing for better clearance. Removable baffle and end cap included. 18mm O2 Ports with 12mm adapters and plugs included. Fits Dyna’s ’91-2016 Mid controls only.

We have designed an all new catalog to showcase our Dyna and FXR products. It is available for viewing online at this link Or you can request printed copies mailed to you by emailing us at this link. A sales sheet on this new product is available at the following link.

The Road Rage 2into1 systems have been developed for different applications and just recently we’ve updated it to a stainless version for the Dyna platform. We sponsored some young riders from San Diego who each were equipped with the latest Road Rage system for their bike. Hunter Carlson had a new Orange Dyna and we outfitted his bike with the brand new 1D1SS stainless system. Phillip Hayes had a ’99 Sportster and also was equipped with the Road Rage system. Joey Robinsin aka #boltwheelies has been rocking the Road Rage on his Yamaha Bolt letting people on instagram know that the Bolt although not a Harley could perform equally well with our system. San Pedro, California was the location we chose to photo and video the bikes. Check out the video and see the photos from the shoot in the video slideshow.

We have developed a new 2X2 cross over head pipe for the Dressers 2009 – 2016. This headpipe is a great solution for someone wanting to run duals at an affordable price. These 1-3/4″ head pipes are made to fit under stock heat shields keeping costs down but performance up. They come with a 1-3/4″ cross over pipe and have both 18mm and 12mm O2 ports. These are made to fit with stock mufflers or if a rider wants he can add on a set of Bassani Xhaust slip on mufflers for a complete performance exhaust solution. Download a sales sheet