Can-Am Unveils NASCAR-Inspired Spyder F3 Turbo Concept at Daytona

MotorcycleUSA Staff | February 18, 2016

Can-Am has taken its Spyder F3 and given it the NASCAR treatment, the race-inspired concept F3 equipped with a turbocharged, intercooled Rotax engine said to be good for 150 horsepower and a 0-60 time of 4.3 seconds. It also comes with a first-ever SPORT mode that allows riders to drift the back end.

The Spyder F3 Turbo Concept is the result of BRP, Can-Am’s parent company, signing a first-ever sponsorship deal with NASCAR. The arrangements means Can-Am will be the entitlement sponsor of the Can-Am Duel at Daytona, as well as Phoenix’s Can-Am 500 in November.

Can-Am Spyder F3 Turbo Daytona International Speedway

Can-Am debuted its turbocharged Spyder F3 concept today at Daytona International Speedway. In addition to its 150hp turbocharged engine, it is equipped with a SPORT mode that allows riders to drift the rear. 

“It’s a privilege to welcome BRP to the Daytona International Speedway family with its Can-Am brand,” said Joie Chitwood III, Daytona International Speedway President, in the press announcement. “Can-Am is a great brand to have here with us to kick off the NASCAR season and Daytona even helped inspire a concept vehicle which we unveiled here today for all our fans to see.”

To build a NASCRAR-inspired F3, Can-Am tasked Rotax to build the engine for its turbo concept. Rotax, a subsidiary of BRP, has plenty of experience in this area as it already builds high-performance engines for the Can-Am Maverick TURBO and 300-horsepower Sea-Doo RXP-X. After Rotax worked its magic, BRP fine-tuned it in-house to complete the transition to a tire-shredding, 150 horsepower, 137 lb-ft of torque monster. The fine-tuning included a specially-designed Akropovic 3-to-3 straight pipe and an oversized hood and air intake.

Turbo-charged Spyder F3 Concept

Equally tantalizing is the new SPORT mode that allows for controlled drifting of the year. Before, the Spyder’s Vehicle Stability System, a combination of traction control, ABS, and stability control, would intervene to keep it from getting out of line. While the ability to drift the back end will bump up the fun factor, you’ll only find it on the Spyder F3 Turbo Concept as Can-Am states SPORT mode is not planned for production.

“This concept showcases the advantages of a Y-frame design, such as a lower center of gravity, the ability to drift and superb tire grip during aggressive cornering,” said Rénald Plante, director, Can-Am Spyder engineering in the press release.

The Can-Am Spyder F3 Turbo Concept is equipped with FOX high-performance shocks and shod in racing slicks. It sports a NASCAR-inspired front spoiler and an oversized lower grill to go along with an LED front signature light. The back end has been trimmed down thanks to a Mono Seat bobber kit. The turbo three-wheeler is slathered in exclusive Circuit Yellow and race graphics.

To give the Spyder F3 Turbo Concept a proper shakedown, Can-Am got NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Jeffrey Earnhardt to put it through its paces at Daytona International Speedway. Earnhardt appropriately left rings of burnt rubber on the Daytona tarmac while testing out its SPORT mode.

NASCAR driver Jeffrey Earnhardt tests out the SPORT mode on the Spyder F3 Turbo Concept

NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Jeffrey Earnhardt tests out the SPORT mode on the Spyder F3 Turbo Concept. 

As part of its sponsorship with NASCAR, “BRP will display its full line of innovation-driven Can-Am products, including the turbocharged Can-Am Spyder concept, as well as Can-Am ATVs, side-by-side vehicles and Can-Am Spyder roadsters at track Midway areas throughout the season, including Daytona International Speedway. Area BRP dealers will also host events where fans can see the latest models.

“Additionally, in association with Kappa Clothing and Cyclops Gear Cameras, BRP is a primary sponsor of the #32 GoFAS NASCAR Sprint Cup Series racing team featuring drivers Jeffrey Earnhardt and Bobby Labonte, as well as Alex Labbé in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series in Canada,” stated the official press release.

Cam-Am Spyder F3 Turbo Concept

Can-Am Spyder F3 Turbo Concept Feautures:

• Engine Type . . . . . . . . . . Inline 3 cylinders, 1330cc
• Power . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 150 hp @ 6800 rpm
• Torque . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 137 lb-ft. @ 5000 rpm
• 0-60 mph . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.3 sec.
• 1/4 Mile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.3 sec.

New Sport Mode – The concept vehicle unleashes the ability to perform controlled rear tire drifts

Bold and Aggressive – Race-inspired styling and performance

• 3-to-3 Akrapovic straight pipe exhaust
• Autometer boost gauge and instrumentation
• FOX high-performance shocks
• Push start button
• Racing cut-off switch
• Racing slicks
• Mono seat Bobber kit
• Oversized hood and air intake
• Oversized lower grill
• NASCAR-inspired front spoiler
• LED front signature light
• Drag bar
• Circuit Yellow paint scheme
• Exclusive color and “X” graphics

NASCAR Jeffrey Earnhardt Spyder F3 Turbo Concept