MotoAmerica Superbike CoTA Race 1 2015

April 9, 2016
Bryan Harley
By Bryan Harley
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Our resident road warrior has earned his stripes covering the rally circuit, from riding the Black Hills of Sturgis to cruising Main Street in Daytona Beach. Whether it’s chopped, bobbed, or bored, metric to ‘Merican, he rides ‘em all. Racing Posting Instructions

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Naming race results should follow this rule (do not include dashes):
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2010 MotoGP Catalunya Results

Racing Results / Standings Rules:
Results description is in bold and includes the series, location and event the listing is for.
The numeration includes a period after the number.
The Rider?s full name: First name followed by their last name.
The brand of the bike: No need to feature the team name, just the OEM.
In the case of qualifying or practice feature times only using this format: 1?45.698.
Include all of the attending racers in the premier classes, Top 10 at the minimum in any other support class/series coverage.
Any Race Report MUST include CHAMPIONSHIP standings.
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Below is how race results and points are to be presented. Don’t use any other format for the results unless it is agreed upon in advance. If results are copied from another website, you are responsible for formatting them to match the style of the examples listed below.

2010 MotoGP Laguna Seca Results:

1. Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha)
2. Dani Pedrosa (Honda)
3. Casey Stoner (Ducati)

2010 MotoGP Misano Qualifying/Practice/Superpole:
1. Valentino Rossi (Yamaha) 1?45.001
2. Ben Spies (Yamaha) 1?45.236
3. Andrea Dovizioso (Honda) 1?45.369

2010 MotoGP Championship Points:

1.Jorge Lorenzo, 165
2.Dani Pedrosa, 113
3.Andrea Dovizioso, 91