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2010 Zero Motorcycles First Ride Photo Gallery

Zero Motorcycles is at the forefront of electric motorcycles and is the first company to market four production E-bikes for both the dirt and street. Find out more in our 2010 Zero Motorcycles First Ride report.

The Zero DS features a 4KW battery that's good for about 40 miles of riding and recharges in approximately four hours.
Introducing the 2010 Zero DS.
The coil rear shock of the 2010 Zero DS is adjustable for preload and damping.
Kicking up some dirt on the 2010 Zero DS dual sport motorcycle. Wish this was me, but we only got to sample the DS on a short impromptu road course.
The rigid double diamond swingarm on Zero Motorcycles is made of aircraft-grade aluminum.
Zero's street bikes feature both an analog and digital speedo.
The Zero DS is equipped with what the company calls its Z-Force Air Induction Syatem that pumps air directly through its brushed magnetic electric motor.
The 2010 Zero MX bike comes in both a Sport and Extreme version. The Extreme version has a higher performance motor and stiffer suspension for guys like this.
The 2010 Zero S features a brushed permanent magnet electric motor.
The 2010 Zero X is set up more for trail riding than its sibling, the more moto-minded MX.
The Zero X has an MSRP of $7,495 and comes with a wwo-year limited warranty.
The Zero DS has a 35-inch seat height but has an optional custom seat available from Corbin that will drop it a tad.
The 2010 Zero MX
The 2010 Zero X has custom valved suspension and produces a claimed 50 lb-ft of torque.
Zero Motorcycles introduced its four-bike lineup in Daytona Beach during Bike Week. (L-toR) The 2010 Zero DS, 2010 Zero S, 2010 Zero MX and the 2010 Zero X.
Somebody forgot to tell this guy you can't have fun on an electric motorcycle.