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2011 Husqvarna TE630 First Ride Photo Gallery

Husqvarna Motorcycles releases two early models with the 2011 Husqvarna TE630 dual sport and 2011 Husqvarna SM630 supermoto. We headed to Italy for a first ride on these Husky motorcycles. Read the full story in our 2011 Husqvarna TE630 First Ride.

The transmission was solid and predictable. As for the ratios, our only tight section of dirt was a single uphill strip that shortcut a switchback. At the top I dropped into first gear and let it chug forward.
A 45mm Marzocchi fork is better than we expected. It does a good job for all-around comfort.
One of the features we really enjoyed was the new seat which is longer and softer this year. The TE gets a gripper cover that adds extra performance and off-road style, plus it’s 30mm lower than the 610.
The fuel tank has this nifty cover to keep out debris.
The 45mm Marzocchi fork offers rebound adjustment, but that’s it for suspension tinkering up front. Compression settings were suitable and we’re very happy with the front end as it resists diving more than expected.
The TE630 is all about exploring and there was plenty to see in Italy.
The company uses dual mufflers on its factory race machines like the SM450 and SM510, and the look was carried over to the 630.
Husqvarna offers a line of aftermarket accessories to enhance the look and performance even further, including a set of carbon fiber pipe guards which are much more attractive.
More output from the DOHC engine is definitely a good thing, but the fueling could use some fine-tuning.
Husky accessories add some extra flair to the 630.
Claimed to weight 329 pounds without fuel, the TE handles very well despite a one-degree increase in the steering angle.
Husqvarna offers a luggage rack as an accessory.
The addition of this skidplate is a good idea for anyone with serious off-road intentions.
The TE630 offers performance that rivals or suprasses larger Japanese models. Not to mention, the technology and styling are way better.
It’s worth noting that the 18-inch rear wheel is a big benefit for riders who are serious about off-road. Some competitors use 17-inch rears which limit the tire selection, but the Husky can accept full-on knobbies.
The nice thing about dual sports is that you can take them anywhere - even off curbs and down steps if needed.
The TE's brakes are fine, but the SM has a better system up front.
The exhaust headers exit the left side and run back behind the airbox where they split again into the twin stainless steel cans.
The 2011 TE630 is Husqvarna's effort at revitalizing its big-bore dual sport.
Bodywork is all new and features IPD technology which means there are no adhesive graphics, just smooth, durable plastic.