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Tread and Track Motorsports

Tread and Track Motorsports is a motorcycle dealership located in Klamath Falls, OR selling Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha motorcycles. Contact and map Tread and Track Motorsports through Motorcycle USA’s Dealer Locator.
3500 Eberlein Ave
Klamath Falls, OR 97603-3716
Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha
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24 Users rated the Dealer an average of 3.5
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troopah43 October 11, 2013 10:09 AM
I was very impressed with this shop. I had trouble finding parts and service for my older dirt bike in Ashland/Medford, however was willing to drive to Klamath Falls because the service was so good. Being new to bikes, they took the time to explain to me what work needed to be done and then even schedule the appointment so that I would only have to drive over once. The price seemed fair and I was even able to call with questions afterwards and they knew exactly what bike I had and what it had needed. In addition, they even offered to ship parts to my town if there was something else I was missing. Overall, I would highly recommend them and wouldn't hesitate to take any bike back to them.
oclv June 9, 2012 06:41 AM
I was traveleing through Oregon last week in a day long heavy rainstorm. I spent the night in Klamath Falls to dry out. The next morning I went to Tread and Track to get some waterproof riding gloves because they were forcasting rain later in the week. They had a pair that fit well and felt good at a reasonable price. When I was paying I asked Dave for directions to a car wash as the bike was filthy. While I was at the car wash, Dave drove up and handed me my cell phone. I had no idea I had left it at the dealership. He found it and took a chance that I would still be at the car wash. That was huge because I would have been hundreds of miles away before I realized I had lost it. And by the way, the guys at T & T were very friendly and helpful while I was there. I would definately go back next time I am in the area.
Abilify August 19, 2011 11:06 AM
Staff is rude, standoffish, and act as though customers are an inconvenience. Unfortunately this is the only motorcycle shop in Klamath Falls, and they sure act like it. I walked in ready to buy and left 20 minutes later very confused. Picked up a new KLR in Medford the same day, and couldn't be happier. Do yourself a favor: if you're serious about buying a bike just go over the hill and spend some time in Medford. In general, the dealers there have more bikes, better prices, and helpful staff. Or wait until these guys go out of business and try to pick up a bike at the liquidation.
Ordrock July 28, 2011 04:20 PM
A few weeks ago I received a recall notice from Yamaha. I was instructed not to ride my bike until this recall was corrected. We’ll with NAUMAS no longer a Yamaha dealer for the Southern Oregon area I had to take the bike to Klamath Falls, Oregon. I called the Tread and Track Motorsports 3500 Eberlein Ave, Klamath Falls, OR , 97603, to see if they were doing the recall, they were. So I set up an appointment to have my bike worked on. When I got the recall notice in the mail I was on a 2500 mile ride from Medford to Portland to the Redwoods to Portland and back home to Medford. So when I took the bike to Tread and Track it had about 5# of dead bugs on the front. So when I dropped the bike off me asked if they could wash it before I picked it up. The service/part guys just laughed and said “we don’t do that”. Oh well I tried. I guess that one of the differences of a good and great dealership. About two years ago I had the bike into the dealership in Hermiston for some work, another recall and when the plastic thingy that surrounds the fuel tank was taken off the little plastic tab that is held in place by a rubber grommet cracked, so we just epoxied it back together. The epoxy that I used was purchased at the local Ace hardware and not the best product for the job. I know there is a better epoxy out there so I’ll get it the next time I take the thing off. But anyway the technician at the shop in Klamath Falls (Tread and Track) busted the tab off from the other side when they did the current recall. I had the spark plugs replaced while the shop had the tank off, and I asked for the used plugs back. It’s a way to gauge the operation of the engine. I keep them for record, besides it shouldn’t be a big deal. Well it turned out that keeping the old plugs for the customer is a tough task. I talked to the service guy on Wednesday of the week I picked the bike up. I was told that the technician was replacing the plugs as I was tasking to the guy on the phone and that he would tell him to save them and have them ready when the customer came to pick the bike up. Not a tough task. So my family and I took a ride to K-Falls from Medford to get the bike. We show up at the dealership and the bike is inside the maintenance bay. I have to wait for the guy behind the counter to finish whatever it was he was doing. I got his attention and he called someone to take my bike around the front of the store for me. So while this guy was taking the bike around I asked about my spark plugs. We’ll no one knew anything about me wanting the plugs back and the service guy was out to lunch and would be back later. Could I come back in 30 to 60 minutes? Ok sure why not I have 1 hour and 50 minute ride back to Medford and I want these things. So I have to endure one guy after the next guy to tell me they have no idea where the plugs are and I would have to wait until the service guy get back from his meal. The technician seemed to get pissed off of annoyed that someone would want the spark plugs back. I have always gotten the plugs back and I even get them back when the car goes in for service. It’s a gauge for how things are working in the engine. But after I left to go get lunch for my family I finally got a chance to take a look at the bike. Of course it wasn’t washed; they didn’t seem to dig my humor about having it washed. I guess I should have bought a BMW or Harley. I found that the left side of my plastic thingy that goes around the fuel tank had the other plastic tab broken off and that the thing wasn’t attached correctly. It’s kind of a stupid thing that Yamaha has put on the bike and to remove it from the rubber grommets is asinine. So we went back to tread and Track to get the plugs. I swear if you are like me and expect good customer service and friendly employees when you walk into a business well then this ain’t the place for you. They called me while I was at the diner and told me that my plugs were found and waiting for me when I got back. So I walk in and I was invisible. They had the plugs and I had to ask for a bag, just another example of the lacking of customer service. I know I should have run inside to bitch about the plastic piece around the tank. I figured that I be ignored and there would be an argument. So I called on Tuesday and had to leave a message because after about 25 rings and no answer it went to an answering machine. So a week later on Thursday the 28th of July the manager calls me to tell me that I was out of luck because his technician had the broken piece at the shop and that his technician didn’t break the other tab. I bet there isn’t one of you reading this posting that doesn’t know every part of your motorcycle. I wash, wax and polish the damn thing all the time. The only time it has had bugs on it after a ride was the time after this 2500 mile ride I spoke of at the beginning. I was in the Marine Corps and was trained to even polish the back of my belt buckle. So believe me when I wash, wax and polish my bike I know every time there is a new scratch or rock chip in the paint. This dude that identified himself as the store manager doesn’t believe that people have pride or take care of their motorcycles. Why wouldn’t I or you know everything about our motorcycles? Have you ever worked at a gas station when you were young and had a guy pull in with his Porsche, or Ferrari and opened and closed the hood so you wouldn’t slam or drop it? Or the guy who spends hours and years restoring a car by hand who doesn’t know when the paint has a blemish. The store manager called me to tell me that his guy said that it was broke when he took it apart. I’m calling bullshit, and besides I’m not used to being called a liar. I told him that only one of the tabs was broke but it was epoxied and wasn’t separated when I delivered the bike to his store. I wasn’t asking that he replace the item but admit to the new breakage and to offer a remedy to my problem that his technician contributed to. Nope this guy is doing such a great business that he‘s willing to call a customer a liar and to deny that his employees could make a mistake. To top it off the guy thinks that I haven’t any influence with others that would bring new or returning customers to read a comment on PNW riders or on their web page. If we as consumers have anything to use for defense against lousy customer service or products it this and word of mouth. So if you decide to use this Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda dealer and you get crappy customer service or no service after the sell you should realize that this is a warning for you before you walk in and give these people your money. I know there is a place that you went to as a child with your family and you remember how nice it was and how friendly the people were. So as you grew older you wanted to share that same good experience with your family, so you take them to the same place you like when you were young. Well you go there and find the serving are smaller, the corporate bean counters now measure the portions, or made the coffee cups smaller, and charge more, and your happy memory is deflated and changed. Well Tread and Track is that place. I only give people, or businesses one chance to make a good first impression, and I seek out value and service before buying. I do research on products from the lap top I’m writing this on, to vacation spots and movie reviews. I don’t always take the word from others if I can make out an agenda when I read reviews. But I do take the word from someone that isn’t invested in the business or product. I’m not invested in Tread and Track and I’m not stuck to using just one dealership for repairs or recalls. So if you have to have some work done to your motorcycle, ATV, or PWC, I would not recommend Tread and Track for anything. No service after purchase, no friendly employees and NO INTEGRITY. If you don’t mind a motorcycle shop employee calling you a liar, or that “I don’t care if you tell others of our business ethics”, then if you use this shop for service or for buying a vehicle from them and you ignore my experience then you’ll deserve what you pay for
Mike January 14, 2011 09:21 AM
Quick service, my machine was done when it was promised. Checked my fluids after reading pat's review and everything was spot on. No complaints here.
Pat December 17, 2010 09:10 AM
I took my ATV in for it's "20 hour" service. About a month later I was checking the fluids and discovered that there was no oil in the rear differential. It did not leak out, I filled it up and it has stayed at the same level ever since. I will not go back again.
john December 10, 2010 11:45 AM
very clean store. Helpful personnel
Orville December 7, 2010 11:54 AM
Store is clean, their broad selection of bikes were tagged with prices and the staff seemed very knowledgable. Wish we had a store like this in my area.
Tread and Track Motorsports October 26, 2010 11:18 AM
I would like to let those who have called us in the past month know that we have gone to winter hours. We just fixed our message service to reflect this change. We are open Tuesday through Friday 9am to 5pm and on Saturday from 9am to 3pm. We apologize for any trouble this has caused our customers. Thank You.
Steve October 12, 2010 05:47 PM
Don't bother calling these folks. They don't answer the phone. The message allows you to press 2 or 3 or 4 for the service, sales, or, parts departments. None of them answer.
denny September 17, 2010 05:52 PM
rude, uppity and act like you're imposing on them.I've been there for the second and last time. With the economy as it is, looks like they just don' t need any more business. If I were a munufacturer, I'd pull my product
Tread and Track Motorsports August 17, 2010 02:11 PM
In response to Shelly's review. Shelly we apologize for any misunderstanding we may have had. The info we provided you with on proper scooter endorsements was directly from our local police. If this info is wrong then we were misinformed or something has changed. DMV doesn't usually fill us in on changes that are made through out the year. It often times takes situations like this for us to find out. Also when you called and asked about you license plates, we just finished leaving a message on the only contact number we had which happened to be your husband's phone. I feel there was a miscommunication there as I was the one who spoke with you and I thought you just got the message and you were asking about the message that was left versus the odd coincidense of you calling asking about your plates right after us leaving a message. Also i was the person who helped you with or key and ignition switch issue. As you said in your review on us, you are "not knowledgable in the workings of a scooter." Because of this barrier I tend to explain in greater detail to you something then I will your husband. The only reason for this is because he has some understanding of these machines. I certainly did not mean for it to sound like I was talking down to you. I would've taken the extra time with anyone else whether they were female or male. It was absolutely not because you were female. I hope you do not choose to drive 70 plus miles for your motorsports needs and that we can clear up these misunderstandings and miscommunications. Thank you.
Shelly Buckingham August 13, 2010 01:55 PM
Not very high. They tend to talk down a bit to women. I noticed each time I had to deal with them I did not receive the same customer service as my husband and I was made out to be a little less inteligent. Even though I am not knowledgable in the workings of a scooter, in no way constitutes me as not being able to understand them. And I certainly didn't like the tone I was given over the phone when I called inquiring about the license plates. This is the only place in town to receive service on our scooters, but in regards to anything else, my husband and I will be going to Medford.

At first I thought they were very informative. My husband and I chose two Honda Metropolitans mainly because of the look and the fact that the salesman explained to us that since it has a 49cc engine it would not take a motorcycle endorsement on our drivers license. We were considering a larger scooter that went faster at first but decided upon this one because of that.

As it turns out there are two classifications with the Oregon DMV, one for mopeds and one for motorcycles. Yes, the 49cc engine does classify it as a moped, but the fact that it does over 30 mph on a flat surface (and the salesmand specifically stated it would go 35 mph, which is true) classifies it as a motorcycle. We are required to carry the additional endorsement on our license.

We most likely would have gone with a larger one if given the correct information and most certainly wouldn't have been driving around illegaly because of not carrying the proper endorsements.
Ron July 20, 2010 04:50 PM
Good selection, great people. Best shop in town!
Paul June 21, 2010 11:08 PM
A little light on inventory, but they got me what I was looking for. Very reasonable price for my new Honda Rancher!
Jim June 2, 2010 04:03 PM
Good people and they are worth waiting for. Very happy
john May 9, 2010 12:08 AM
Great prices and service would recommend to anybody
robert March 31, 2010 10:26 AM
Down home type of people. Treated me as a life long friend rather then just a customer. No reason to shop elsewhere. Thanks!
Scott March 15, 2010 01:12 PM
Rude, Not friendly or helpful at all. Shop somewhere else
Anon March 5, 2010 03:13 AM
Just purchased a KLX110 at a great price. The salesperson was friendly and answered all of our questions. Had a good selection of riding gear. Will be back for a 140 soon
lglbgl August 11, 2009 04:12 PM
Depending upon who you talk with, on any given day, they are not very helpful. I have been in there when they are not busy and they are rude. It is even worse when they are busy. We go to Medford/Grants Pass and Bend to do business anymore. There is a group of about 40 of that wont go back in there. This is in regards to bikes and snow mobiles. It is an all year around issue with there attitude. Apparently, b usiness is good for them.
Paul F June 19, 2009 03:45 PM
These guys are great. They do what they can. If they had a bikini babe or two to help sell they would be better.
Thomas Achen May 30, 2009 07:47 PM
Took my ATV in on 03/13/09 to have noise in transmission fixed. Three months later still not fixed. Poor customer service.
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