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2010 Moab Rally on the Rocks Photo Gallery

Check out photos from the first ever Moab Rally on the Rocks event that took place May 12-15, 2010

After a few miles, the trail leaves the dirt road and turns to sandstone for the ascent to Gold Bar Rim. This trail starts easy but gradually becomes more difficult as it gains altitude.
On Wednesday they arrived on Gold Bar Rim where they prepared to set out for the Golden Crack.
The stair-steps along the Colorado River were difficult and proved to be a real adrenaline rush!
Along the Gold Bar Rim trail are several tough obstacles – The Body Snatcher, Golden Falls, The Wall and Golden Stair Case.
Taking shelter from the elemnts in Bull Canyon.
The Gold Bar Rim Trail takes you along the Gemini Bridges Trail then up sandstone ledges to a viewpoint on the cliffs high above the entrance to the Moab Valley
Jon and his Monster Energy Kawasaki Teryx posing along the Moab Rim Trail.
Jon brought his Monster Energy Kawasaki Teryx along with his friend's 2009 Polaris RZR S for the Rally on the Rocks.
The Rally on the Rocks crew along the Moab Rim Trail.
we headed back to the rim and started down the stair steps to the Colorado River. The trail coming down is a completely different feeling. Gravity makes the descent much easier, but taking a slightly different line or turning your wheel at the wrong time can send your rear end up an over.
The group was able make it down the trail in one piece and had a nice BBQ courtesy of Pitt Bull Tires along the Colorado River.
From the rim, we headed out to some sand and slick rock.
Our arsenal for the 2010 Moab Rally on the Rocks...
Moab Rim Trail
Moab Rim starts just off of Kane Creek Road right at the Colorado River and the hardest obstacles are within the first ½ mile of the trail.
The Golden Spike Trail is one of the most famous slick trails in moab Utah and also where the group encountered some issues...
Jon and his Kawasaki Teryx powering through a massive crack along the Golden Spike Trail.
The crew made a pitstop at the magical bush which was precariously located on a ledge which had a 1200-foot drop to the valley floor below.
On Friday the group split up with some making the trek to the Metal Masher and the Widowmaker.
After a solid 10 minutes of hard core racing through the metal masher, we took a break and all agreed it was some of the best fun we had had all week
In the end only brute manpower could get some of the UTV's over the terrain of the Metal Masher.