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Brammo Empulse Electric Motorcycle Photo Gallery

See photos of the all-new Brammo Empulse Electric Motorcycle in the Brammo Empulse photo gallery. Read the full story in our Brammo Empulse Electric Motorcycle First Look.

The models planned for the new lineup are the Empulse 6.0, Empulse 8.0 and Empulse 10.0
The models planned for the new lineup are the Empulse 6.0, Empulse 8.0 and Empulse 10.0.
Taking development cues off its original Electric TTR racebike the Empulse features an adjustable fork and rear shock.
A small radiator on the Brammo Empulse keeps the higher-spec electric motor running cool.
The key to the Brammo Empulse's higher performance claims comes from the improved energy densities in its battery systems, which range from 6 to 10 kWh.
The rear swingarm pivots on the motor axis, with a direct chain drive from the motor to the rear wheel.
Brammo Empulse electric motorcycle instrument console.
Like the Enertia, the Empulse sources a permanent magnet AC motor, but the new unit is capable of higher voltage and current capacities.
The Brammo Empulse, the Oregon-based company's latest electric motorcycle design.
The Brammo Empulse sports dual four-piston Nissin brakes up front
Located in Ashland, Oregon, Brammo Motorsports revealed its new Empulse exclusively to Motorcycle USA at the photo shoot in the hanger of nearby Brim Helicopter
A whole deck of batteries to go 100 mph and a 100-mile range... and light up the road ahead.
Style-wise, the Empulse delivers a more familiar-looking motorcycle feel than its predecessor,
Brammo designed an aluminum twin-spar unit which holds the batteries
Low center of gravity and mass centralization promise a light handling machine for the electric design.
All three rides will be capable of 100 mph top speeds, with the number designations referring to each bike’s projected range, 60, 80 and 100 miles as well as their kWh hour energy densities.
The Empulse claimed weight is 390 lbs, less than the curb weights of a typical Supersport, with the bike’s profile quite narrow.
Brammo partnered with Flextronics to make the international electronics firm its global manufacturing partner
Though we did not get an opportunity to sample the new ride, yet, we did see
and hear it running during a brief reveal near the company's Ashland, Oregon headquarters.
From the drawing board to showrooms. Brammo expects the new Empulse to be delivered by mid-2011.
Says Wissman on the Empulse’s new range and top speed stats: 'Talking to customers and with Brammo also being a performance-based company to begin with, we really feel like those are thresholds that we need to get over to offer a really good value to consumers.'
As with the Eneritia, the new Empulse will allow for easy plug-and-tune electronics, via USB inputs on the dash mount and under the seat.
While the electric powertrain grabs the headlines, the Empulse features chassis upgrades as well.
Brammo racing at Thunderhill: (L to R) Shelina Moreda on Empulse TTX, Eric Bostrom on Empulse R, Alan Cunningham on 500 Twins, Jonathan Forman on 450 Superbike, and Mark McKinney on 250 Superbike.
Brammo Empulse racer Eric Bostrom at Thunderhill against internal combustion rival. The Empulse has been homologated for racing against ICE bikes in the AFM racing series.