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2007 Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle Softail Springer - FXSTSSE User Ratings

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2007 Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle Softail Springer - FXSTSSE
2007 Harley-Davidson
Screamin' Eagle Softail Springer - FXSTSSE
MSRP $24,995
With its easily identifiable front end and some wicked paint, the 2007 CVO Softail Springer stood out in this year's class of tricked-out Harleys.
Average User Rating:
Based on 6 Reviews

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By: scooter07
Posted: October 4, 2014
Engine: 5 Suspension: 5 Handling: 4
Transmission: 5 Ergonomics: 4 Value: 4
Brakes: 4 Components: 5 Reliability: 5
Garage guy should probably leave it there and play video games. Awesome bike, plenty of power and loves the super slab. Back roads are a blast too but you have to be in control and make her do what needs to be done in the tight corners. This is not a beginners bike or for those who just want a weekend status symbol. The 2008 model went to a larger front tire that helps handling. This is a big boys bike and needs to be ridden as such. It is an enjoyable machine. Harley built this bike for experienced riders. Mine came home from the dealer in snow flurries and has also seen 110 degree days, and everything in between. As all air cooled engines colder is better. I run her from Delaware out through the mountains of WV 2-3 times a year. Shortest run 850 miles longest 1380, leaving Saturday and home by Sunday. I too can not disclose top speed, but she will eat up a few feet of off ramp at 110 mph. I have several Harley's and this is by far my favorite.
By: fmartinez
Posted: September 1, 2011
Engine: 4 Suspension: 4 Handling: 4
Transmission: 4 Ergonomics: 3 Value: 4
Brakes: 4 Components: 4 Reliability: 5
First off the guy who gave this super bike a bad write up on December 20, 2010 is wrong, maybe he needs to learn how to ride, my 2007 CVO FXSTSSE is bad ass, the springer fron end really makes the nose stick at high RPM's freakin awesome machine, and the engine delivers unsurpassed power for a V-Twin air cooled motor...you have to ride this bike and not let the bike ride you, manhandle it and you will love it!! I wish i could disclose the top speed I hit on my FXSTSSE but it could be,,, Ride safe!
Garage ornament
By: K. H.
Posted: December 20, 2010
Engine: 2 Suspension: 1 Handling: 1
Transmission: 2 Ergonomics: 2 Value: 1
Brakes: 1 Components: 1 Reliability: 1
This bike is dangerous. The suspension design (and the resultant handling problems) should be reviewed by D.O.T. for legality. The off-center front wheel alignment causes the front to push right and dive non-linearly under braking, feeling very much like the precursor to a high-side (this design also throws the rear out of track far too easily). These problems are made more hazardous by the inadequate 1.5 inches of rear suspension travel combined with a wide, hard 200 mm rear tire--this combo tends to float rather than grip the road, especially on rough or gravel surfaces. HD resists complaints about the design by suggesting that a test ride should have revealed the problems before purchase. That is like saying, "We know it's bad, but Caveat Emptor". HD no longer uses this design. The quality of the accessories and chrome (mostly Chinese manufacture, as determined by stickers on parts and HD's own parts origin disclosures) is unacceptable for a vehicle intended to be ridden regularly.
This was a bad purchase, I take responsiblity for it, and I will not repeat the mistake buying another product from a company that clearly puts profit before honesty and honor. I have owned 3 other motorcyles over 30 years that have required nothing more than oil, tires, brake pads and gas, and say with total sincerity, HD doesn't compare in comfort, quality, reliability, or value to those Japanese bikes.
Unfortunately, due to the poor history of the 110 inch engine, and the general unreliability of the brand, I have had no serious offers for more than half of what I paid. The dealership literally laughed when I inquired about selling it to them, or on consignment. There are lots of these machines for sale, but only the naive, or those making a fashion statement, seem to buy.
The dealership service quality and pricing are also issues, but not the subject of this review.
26K ownership riding experience
Posted: July 17, 2010
Engine: 5 Suspension: 5 Handling: 5
Transmission: 4 Ergonomics: 4 Value: 5
Brakes: 3 Components: 5 Reliability: 4
Bought the Amarillo Gold bike 02/28/2007.
It took all of 20K to break in the engine as I elected to chg the oil @ 2500 mile intervals swaping Amsoil every other chg.
Sixth gear in the begining was usless under 60 mph on level ground @ 3K rpm's. Now it will pull a good grade @2K rpm's.

ENGINE: Balanced 110B, doesn't get any better than this. Will beat most 600cc sport bikes from standing start to 85 mph

SUSPENSION: Is adjustable for the softail. I weigh 160 lbs. & have left it alone, but experienced bottoming out at high speed on expressways with severe surface changes. Comfort can be adjusted by rr tire pressure @ 5 lbs with moderate grip improvement.

HANDLING: At 742 lbs and myself @ 1000 total, mileage is a growing experience, I believe I have reached that plateau.

ERGONOMICS: I am 5' 9" with a 28" inseam. I have adjusted the handlebars 4 times to get the optimal setting which was the 3rd setting. No backache, no rr pocket seam irritation. But the air cleaner is against my leg and prevents a full foot on the brake pedal.

VALUE: I believe it was the best VALUE of all the 2007 CVO bikes. Rarely take a ride and not receive a compliment on H-D's success on the build of this Gold unit, that I have left stock only in it's basic appearance. Why would anyone want to screw that up? Many have! It is rumored that only @ 1500 units were built divided into 3 colors. Resale on low mileage units are still bringing MSRP.

BRAKES: The pads were atrocious. The front single caliper is antiquated by several decades. Lyndall Z racing pads solved that problem ft and rr.

COMPONENTS: I believe the sum of all the parts that came with the bike would value it at over $30K. In relationship to all it's parts to each other in an Operational & Custom sence, History will never forget what H-D has accomplished here.

RELIABILTY: There was a recall on the head gaskets, automatic compression release, engine bolt and battery terminal shorting to the frame. Warranty took care of those issues. Approaching 27K and never broke down away from home. Battery terminal issue started 1/2 mile from home, bike shut down in garage and called H-D to pick it up for the recall. Otherwise it would be 3 stars.
Better than most
By: Michael Vaughn
Posted: May 17, 2010
Engine: 5 Suspension: 3 Handling: 3
Transmission: 3 Ergonomics: 3 Value: 4
Brakes: 1 Components: 3 Reliability: 4
Over all this bike is a pkg... looks, power and ride... the handling is far better than imagined... my only complaint is the brakes and lack of after market items 3 years after purchasing it...
By: Tim Wahlman
Posted: March 9, 2010
Engine: 5 Suspension: 5 Handling: 5
Transmission: 5 Ergonomics: 5 Value: 5
Brakes: 4 Components: 5 Reliability: 5
love the bike
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